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Updated - Oct 15th, 2022

This classic Italian cream sauce would make a deliciously fun name for a white dog. Alfredo is a common boys’ name in Italy, and the dish fettuccini alfredo was named after Alfredo di Lelio, an Italian chef who cooked it for his pregnant wife. The name Alfredo means “wise counselor,” so not only is it fitting for a white dog, it works for a wise one, too. 

Bailey is an adorable name that can be used for both male and female dogs. Currently, the most famous Bailey is Senator Elizabeth Warren’s beloved Golden Retriever, who recently went viral for snatching up an unattended burrito. This was a rookie mistake on the part of Warren’s staff – everyone knows to keep an eye on people food when there’s a Golden sniffing around.

If you’ve got a music-loving pup on your hands, Banjo is a great choice. If you’re a banjo player yourself, your pup might even join in. Banjo was also the name of a popular Beanie Baby Corgi dog in the 2010s, making it a fitting choice for new Corgi parents and nostalgic Beanie Baby fans alike.

Marvel fans are familiar with Captain America’s BFF, Bucky Barnes, who lost an arm and was given a powerful metal replacement. Bucky would make an especially cute name for a pup with a new lease on life through prosthetics.

Cha Cha
Some dogs are especially wiggly and love to shake their rumps (especially when they can get a treat or two out of it). Cha Cha would make a great name for an energetic pup that loves to jump around and show off their fancy footwork, especially a Corgi or Miniature Pinscher.

Besides for being a bite-size bundle of deliciousness and one of the world’s most perfect foods, Dumpling is also a very cute name for a small dog. The best way to eat a dumpling is in one bite, so this would make a great name for a tiny breed – such as a Chihuahua, Papillon, or Pomeranian – who is so adorable you just want to eat them up.

A cute and feisty name of French origin, Gigi makes a great name for a girl dog with some sass. The most well known Gigi today is supermodel Gigi Hadid, but older dog parents may associate the name with the classic 1958 musical Gigi, based on the novella of the same name by French author Colette.

If your little lady is the color of deep dark chocolate (and sweeter than candy), Godiva is a fun and delicious name for her. As for any association with the historical Lady Godiva’s wild ride, you can rest assured that myth has been debunked.

This New Orleans classic is a clever choice for a dog name, especially for a St. Bernard. Fun fact: the mascot of the New Orleans Saints football team is a St. Bernard named Gumbo. This specific name and breed was chosen because St. Bernard Parish borders New Orleans, and gumbo is the state cuisine of Louisiana!

Does your pup frequently make your socks disappear? If so, Houdini is the perfect name for your little magician. Houdini is a great choice for a clever pup with a mischievous streak – just make sure to keep your pup safely leashed or fenced in so they don’t pull a disappearing act on you.

Lulu is an adorable name for a girl dog, especially a breed with some French flair like a Poodle or Papillon. If your little girl has that certain je ne sais quoi, Lulu may be a perfect match.

If you’ve got a pint-sized pup, Nugget is a cute choice for either a girl or boy dog. A tiny snack that packs a lot of flavor, Nugget is a great name for a little dog with a big personality. It would also make a great name for a Golden Retriever (or any yellow-coated dog) that’s your priceless golden nugget.

Sipping a freshly muddled mojito by the beach is one of the more relaxing things you can do, so if your dog has a chill, laid-back personality, this name may be a good fit. This traditional Cuban highball cocktail would also make a great name for a Havanese, which is the national dog of Cuba! 

If your new pup has a black and white colored coat and is sweet as can be, Oreo is a very fitting choice. Even though there are a lot of different Oreo flavor selections these days, the classic flavor will always reign supreme, and makes a cute name for a pup that matches it.

Almost every recipe in existence calls for a little black pepper, and the name Pepper is a great choice for a black dog – especially a smaller one. A dash of pepper makes everything taste better, just like some doggy time makes our lives better. Pepper is also a fun name for Marvel fans who enjoy the character of Pepper Potts.

If you have a girl with a sweet personality, you may consider naming her after one of the world’s most delicious fruits. Ripe peaches are soft and sweet, and the name would be especially fitting if your girl has a fawn-colored coat, which is pretty peachy.

We may be biased, but Pumpkin is an adorable name for your pup (either a boy or a girl). Whether your dog is a little round fluffball like a Pomerianian or a bigger, thicker breed like a Bulldog or Pitbull, Pumpkin is a great choice for a dog of any size or color (although a dog that has an orange-y coat would make it extra cute).

Besides for being one of the most delicious cookies on the planet, Snickerdoodle would make a great name for a pup sweet enough to give you a toothache. It would be an extra cute name for a pup in the “Doodle” family – Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, Aussiedoodles, Bernedoodles, and all the rest. 

Got a speed demon on your hands? Turbo would make a great name for an athletic, energetic pup like a Greyhound, Border Collie, or Whippet – who loves nothing more than chasing down a ball in the park and doing zoomies in the house. 

Pasta lovers may consider Ziti a cute choice for their pup. This name would fit a boy or a girl (after all, the love of ziti knows no gender), and would make an especially fun choice for an Italian Greyhound or a Spinone (which is the national dog of Italy).

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