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We’d love to tell you how Pumpkin Pet Insurance plans and Preventive Essentials* can help you give your patients the best veterinary care possible.

*Pumpkin Preventive Essentials is not an insurance policy.
It is offered as an optional add-on non-insurance benefit.

Pumpkin helps keep pets coming back to your practice.

Pumpkin offers two products that make it easier for your clients to get their pets the care they need.

Pumpkin Pet Insurance Plans

Pumpkin Pet Insurance plans help encourage clients to visit your hospital more often by making it easier to afford your best diagnostics and treatments when their pets get hurt or sick.

Pumpkin Preventive Essentials

Preventive Essentials helps keep pets coming back for annual preventive care. It’s not insurance, but an optional wellness package clients can add to their plan to get refunds for key wellness services.

Pumpkin helps your clients say ‘yes’
to your best veterinary care.

In a 2020 Zoetis study,¹ we asked veterinary team members about their care experiences with clients who had a Pumpkin insurance plan. Here’s what we heard:

said pet owners with a Pumpkin insurance plan were more accepting of care recommendations.

believed pets with a Pumpkin insurance plan were provided with better care vs non-insured pets.

said pet owners with a Pumpkin insurance plan had a better hospital experience vs non-insured pets.


We love partnering with pawesome
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Pumpkin has a bowlful of benefits for hospitals and their patients –
here’s what our hospital partners had to say about partnering with us.*

“I had been concerned for years about helping my clients pay for wellness care. Along comes Pumpkin with Preventive Essentials, and that sealed the deal for me.”

– Dr. Charles A. Curie
Country Doctor Veterinary Care

“Sometimes you won’t see cats for 5 or 6 years – but if they have Pumpkin Preventive Essentials, they know they can come back every year.”

– Sequoya Serrano, Office Manager
Ark Animal Hospital

“Pumpkin takes the emotional load off the veterinarian and staff. The treatment plan we chose isn’t going to be deviated from based on finances alone.”

– Dr. Robert Gribble, DVM & CVPM
Hallsville Veterinary Hospital

Pumpkin Pet Insurance plans
help your patients get healthy.

When pets get hurt or sick, Pumpkin insurance plans help your clients afford the veterinary care their pets need to get better by covering 90% of eligible vet bills.

Pumpkin plans cover the care options for accidents & illnesses you'd expect, plus key things some insurances leave out.

Diagnostics & Treatments

Prescription Medications

Emergencies & Hospitalization

Surgery & Specialized Care

Advanced Care

Hereditary Conditions

Hereditary Conditions

Dental & Gum Disease

Behavioral Issues

Sick Visit Exam Fees

Alternative Therapies

Prescription Food & Supplements*

Pumpkin Preventive Essentials
helps your patients stay healthy.

Preventive Essentials helps your clients plan and pay for yearly
wellness care by refunding them for 3 crucial wellness services.

Annual Wellness Exam

Full refund for the exam fee when pets come for their yearly check-up, tests & vaccines

Annual Vaccines

Full refund for any 4 vaccines you recommend for puppies, 2 for dogs, or 1 for cats each year

Yearly Screening Tests

Full refund for 1 fecal test for all pets + 1 vector-borne disease or heartworm only test for dogs

Did you know we offer a
discount for veterinary staff?

Helpful veterinary hospital resources

Access PawPortal

PawPortal is a virtual hub with useful tools and resources that help you discuss pet insurance & preventive care, and help provide an exceptional client experience.

View 2020 Zoetis Study

Read our full Zoetis & Pumpkin Outcomes Research Study, designed to evaluate the impact of Pumpkin insurance plans and Preventive Essentials.

Watch Our Webinar

Earn a free continuing education (CE) credit by watching our webinar about the impact of pet insurance on pets, pet owners & veterinary teams.


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1. Pumpkin Insurance Services Inc and Zoetis Outcomes Research, “How Pumpkin’s Pet Insurance & Preventive Essentials Provide Value to Pets, Pet Owners, and Veterinary Hospitals.” pumpkin.vet/value, 2020. Data on file study number r20SORINS-01-01. Zoetis Outcomes Research Study included pets with Pumpkin insurance only and pets with Pumpkin insurance and optional Preventive Essentials package. Study participants were compensated for their time to gather patient data.

TESTIMONIAL INFORMATION: Testimonials represent individual experience only and the experiences and opinions herein may be unique to the patient and the speaker. Individual results may vary. Pumpkin compensated hospital staff for their testimonials.

PRESCRIPTION FOOD COVERAGE TERMS: Pumpkin insurance covers prescription food to treat an eligible accident or illness. It does not cover prescription food used for weight management or general health maintenance.

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