Pets can be sneaky.
Your pet insurance
shouldn’t be.


Plans loved by pets, parents, and vets alike.

Extensive Insurance Coverage

Pumpkin Pet Insurance plans help you say ‘yes’ to the best veterinary care when your pet is sick or hurt and get 90% cash back on covered vet bills.

Crucial Wellness Care

Pumpkin offers a wellness package called Preventive Essentials. It’s not insurance, but an optional benefit you can add to your plan to get refunds for routine care vets recommend.

5-Paw Customer Experience

Pumpkin helps make life with pets easier and more convenient, from our quick and simple online claims to our expert customer care team.

All pets deserve 90% cash back on covered vet bills – don’t let any insurance tell you different.

One sneaky way pet insurances lower monthly costs is by lowering reimbursement rates. Getting 60%-80% cash back on vet bills may not seem so different than 90%, but it could amount to thousands of dollars over your pet’s life!
See how much more cash back you can get with a Pumpkin plan’s
90% reimbursement rate!
Avg. Vet Bill² Cash Back w/ 70% Cash Back w/ 90% Difference w/ 90%
Cancer $8,280
Leg Fracture $5,752
Swallowed Object $3,458
Gum Disease $1,942

7 pet insurance watchouts you won’t have to worry about with Pumpkin insurance plans:

No expensive insurance add-on fees

for key coverage benefits, like dental illnesses, behavioral issues, and sick visit exam fees

No per-condition deductible required

every time your pet has a new accident or illness

No confusing annual limit options

with little guidance on what your pet actually needs

No lower reimbursement rate options for aging pets & certain breeds

– everyone gets 90% cash back on covered vet bills

No annual wellness exam, dental exam or vaccine requirements

to cover certain conditions

No upper age limits

for new enrollments or reduced coverage for aging pets

No 6-month or 1-year extended waiting period

for knee injuries or hip dysplasia

Pumpkin awarded “Best Pet Insurance for Comprehensive Coverage” in 2021 by BusinessInsider.com15

See how Pumpkin stands out from the pack.

Pumpkin insurance plans offer a bowlful of coverage benefits some other insurances exclude, limit, or charge sneaky add-on fees for. Let’s dig in…

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Exam Fees for Accidents
& Illnesses
Additional monthly fee required
Dental Illnesses
Only up to $1k/yr
Annual dental exam required
Behavioral Issues
Only up to $1k/yr
Excluded with some plans
Additional monthly fee required
Rx Food to Treat
Covered Conditions*
Excluded with some plans
Only covers up to 50% for 2 mos
Alternative Therapies
Additional monthly fee required
Only for 12 wks after treatment starts for a covered condition
Additional monthly fee required
90% Reimbursement Rate for All
Breeds Ages 8 Wks & Up
No Preventive Care Requirements
to Cover Certain Illnesses
Depends on plan
Discount for Multiple Pets
All Pets Ages 8 Wks &
Up Are Eligible to Enroll
Depends on plan
14-Day Waiting Period for ALL
Covered Accidents & Illnesses