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Pumpkin & Trusted Pals: Key Differences

While Pumpkin and TrustedPals both offer pet insurance plans for accidents & illnesses and optional wellness packages, there are several key differences you should be aware of when choosing which provider is right for you and your pet. Let’s dig in…
All Pumpkin plans reimburse 90% of covered vet bills. Some TrustedPals plans may not.

At Pumpkin, we try to take the guesswork out of choosing the right pet insurance plan. All Pumpkin Pet Insurance plans offer a high 90% reimbursement rate on covered vet bills and a data-backed1 annual coverage limit of $10k for dogs or $7k for cats, with higher annual limit options (including an unlimited option) for pet parents looking for added peace of mind. With TrustedPals Pet Insurance plans, you have to choose a reimbursement rate option ranging from 70%-100%, and an annual coverage limit option ranging from $4k-unlimited.

Pumpkin plans cover microchipping. TrustedPals plans don’t.
If pets go missing, a microchip comes in handy to help them get safely back home. A microchip is a small, permanent ID implanted between your pet’s shoulder blades. It has important information about you and your pet that helps a shelter or veterinarian reunite you both if you are separated for any reason. Once implanted, the microchip will last your pet’s lifetime. For all these reasons, Pumpkin insurance plans cover microchip implantation procedures by vets. TrustedPals insurance plans don’t.
Pumpkin plans don’t have 365-day waiting periods for cruciate ligament events & hip dysplasia.

Cruciate ligament events AKA knee ligament injuries are very common and can happen to any pet, at any age. If surgery is needed to repair a ligament, it can cost thousands, so getting coverage as soon as possible is key. Hip dysplasia is also a common hereditary condition that can affect both cats and dogs – especially large dog breeds. It’s a painful and degenerative condition, so it’s important to get coverage for it as soon as possible. TrustedPals insurance plans have a 12-month waiting period before your pet can be covered for these specific conditions. Pumpkin insurance plans have the same waiting period for all conditions: 14 days.

Pumpkin plans offer a 10% multi-pet discount. TrustedPals plans offer a 5% multi-pet discount.
We know pet care can be expensive – especially when you have more than one four-legged family member to budget for. That’s why Pumpkin plans offer a 10% multi-pet discount for each additional pet you enroll. TrustedPals plans only offer a 5% multi-pet discount for each additional pet.
It’s ALWAYS possible to get full value each year from Pumpkin’s optional wellness package.

Pumpkin’s wellness package is called Preventive Essentials. It’s not insurance, but an optional benefit you can easily add to any Pumpkin insurance plan for a monthly fee. Designed with leading vets to help you plan and pay for crucial routine care your pet needs to stay healthy, Preventive Essentials gives you a 100% refund each year for an annual wellness exam fee, key vaccine(s), and important parasite screening test(s). To get the most out of your package – all you have to do is use these 3 benefits.

With a TrustedPals Wellness plan, you pay a monthly fee (the cost varies based on pet age, breed, and location) which gives you access to $750 each year to spend on routine care services. A plan like this can be helpful if you take full advantage of the services offered, but not every service available is a typical annual expense (e.g., spay/neuter procedure). Whatever benefits you don’t use in the year term, you lose – there are no carryovers.

Compare Plans

Type of Insurance
Accident & Illness
Accident & Illness
Reimbursement Rate
90% of covered vet bills
70%, 80%, 90%, or 100% of covered vet bills
Annual Coverage Limit

$10k, $20k, or unlimited for dogs
$7k, $15k, or unlimited for cats

Annual Deductible with flexible pricing options
Annual Deductible with flexible pricing options
Illness Waiting Period
14 days
14 days; 365 days for ligament events & hip dysplasia
Accident Waiting Period
14 days
14 days
All Pets Ages 8 Wks. & Up Are Eligible to Enroll
All Pets Eligible to Enroll, Regardless of Health
Hereditary & Congenital Conditions
Chronic Conditions
Behavioral Issues
Dental Illnesses
Preventable Conditions
Exam Fees for Accident & Illness Related Vet Visits
Diagnostics, including Radiology & Lab Tests
Surgery, Emergency Services & Hospitalization
Specialized Care
Alternative Therapies
Prescription Medication to Treat Covered Conditions
Prescription Food and Supplements to Treat Covered Conditions
Microchip Implantation
End of Life Services
Wellness Package / Plan

Preventive Essentials package:
(Not insurance, but an optional add-on)

100% refund of the following routine care services each year:
+ 1 Annual Wellness Exam Fee
+ 4 Vaccines for Puppies, 2 for Dogs, 1 for Cats
+ 1 Fecal “Poop” Test for Intestinal Worms
+ 1 Blood Test for Heartworm & Tick Diseases or Heartworm Only (for Dogs)

TrustedPals Wellness plan:
Reimburses $750 per year for a list of 8+ routine care services

Discount for Multiple Pets
10% off for each additional pet
5% off for each additional pet
Money Back Guarantee
30 days, as long as you have not received approval or payment for a claim (except in NY)
None indicated

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