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Pumpkin & ManyPets: Key Differences

While Pumpkin and ManyPets both offer pet insurance plans for accidents & illnesses and optional wellness packages or plans, there are some key coverage differences you should be aware of when choosing which provider is right for you and your pet. Let’s dig in…
Pumpkin plans cover behavioral issues. ManyPets plans don’t.

With an estimated 40% of cat and dog owners reporting pets with behavioral problems,10 we believe coverage for behavioral issues like separation anxiety and aggression is a necessity, not a nice to have. That’s why Pumpkin Pet Insurance plans cover behavioral issues. ManyPets Pet Insurance plans do not cover these.

Pumpkin plans cover Rx food for accidents & illnesses. ManyPets plans don’t.

Rx food coverage can be very helpful for pets suffering from a range of illnesses, from kidney disease to digestive issues. It can also help you save a lot of money if your pet has a chronic condition with special dietary needs since Rx food usually costs more than standard pet food. That’s why Pumpkin insurance plans will cover Rx food prescribed to treat a covered condition (and not for general health or weight maintenance). ManyPets insurance plans don’t cover Rx food.

Pumpkin plans cover illnesses preventable by vaccines. ManyPets plans may not.

ManyPets insurance plans do not cover “illness claims that are caused by you or as a result of your lack of care, including diseases that are preventable by vaccination.” ManyPets plans will only cover a preventable illness if your pet develops one despite taking all of your vet’s vaccine recommendations. While we encourage you to stay up to date with vaccinations and preventive care that your vet recommends, your Pumpkin insurance plan would never decline coverage for a serious illness like parvovirus or lyme disease because you didn’t take certain preventive care measures with your pet.

Pumpkin plans cover treatment for parasite infections. ManyPets plans may not.

Heartworms, ticks, fleas, and intestinal parasites (or worms) are year-round threats to pets across the US indoors and out, and can be lethal if left untreated. While routine vaccines and preventive meds can help protect against some parasites and catch infections early, research shows that most pets will suffer from a parasite-borne illness in their lifetime.17 For these reasons, Pumpkin insurance plans cover treatment for parasite infections. ManyPets insurance plans don’t cover “parasite control, including but not limited to internal and external parasites for which readily available prophylactic treatments are available.” This means that a condition like heartworm disease would not be covered, regardless of whether you take preventive measures with your pet or not.

Pumpkin plans cover microchipping. ManyPets plans don’t.

If pets go missing, a microchip comes in handy to help them get safely back home. A microchip is a small, permanent ID implanted between your pet’s shoulder blades. It has important information about you and your pet that helps a shelter or veterinarian reunite you both if you are separated for any reason. Once implanted, the microchip will last your pet’s lifetime. For all these reasons, Pumpkin insurance plans cover microchip implantation procedures by vets. ManyPets insurance plans don’t.

Pumpkin plans don’t just offer one annual coverage limit option.

ManyPets insurance plans only offer an unlimited annual coverage limit. Pumpkin insurance plans offer this too, but also have additional annual limit options backed by recent claim data. We researched and found that <2% of pupstomers filed over $10k/yr in claims, while <3% of catstomers filed over $7k/yr in claims.1 Because only a small number of pet parents would likely need unlimited annual coverage, Pumpkin plans offer this option plus smart annual limit options of $10k for dogs and $7k for cats, and higher options of $20k for dogs and $15k for cats for pet parents looking for added peace of mind.

Pumpkin plans don’t have a list of preventive care requirements for coverage.

ManyPets insurance plans require you to take certain preventive care measures with your pet in order to cover them. Their policy states that “If a lack of check-ups, vaccinations, or other routine care is a direct factor in [pet]’s injury or illness, no coverage will be provided.” While Pumpkin recommends that your pet gets routine preventive care, we think all requirements or decisions regarding your pet’s health should be up to you and your veterinarian, not your insurance provider.

Pumpkin plans don’t have an age limit for hip dysplasia coverage.

Pumpkin insurance plans cover hip dysplasia in all pets 8 weeks and up. In addition, the waiting period for hip dysplasia coverage is the same as for any illness: 14 days. ManyPets insurance plans only cover hip dysplasia in dogs age 6 or younger on the policy effective date. If your dog is older than age 6, ManyPets will automatically class hip dysplasia as a pre-existing condition, whether your dog has shown symptoms or not.

Pumpkin plans offer a 10% multi-pet discount. ManyPets plans don’t.

We know pet care can be expensive – especially when you have more than one four-legged family member to budget for. That’s why Pumpkin insurance plans offer a 10% multi-pet discount for each additional pet you enroll. With ManyPets insurance plans, there’s no discount for enrolling multiple pets.

It’s ALWAYS possible to get full value each year from Pumpkin’s optional wellness package.

Pumpkin’s optional wellness package is called Preventive Essentials. It’s not insurance, but an optional benefit you can add to any Pumpkin insurance plan. Designed with leading vets to help you plan and pay for crucial routine care your pet needs to stay healthy, Preventive Essentials gives you a 100% refund each year for an annual wellness exam fee, key vaccine(s), and important parasite screening test(s). To get the most out of your package – all you have to do is use these 3 benefits.

ManyPets offers a wellness plan that can reimburse you for up to $150 per year in each of four different benefit categories: wellness exams and vaccines; flea/tick/heartworm prevention; dental cleaning; and holistic supplements and care. A wellness plan like this can be helpful if you use most of the services offered within the year term. However, not everything on the menu is a typical annual expense (e.g., a course of supplements, pet massage). Whatever benefits you don’t use in the plan term, you lose – there are no carryovers.

Also, if you enroll your pet in Pumpkin Preventive Essentials up to 14 days after your wellness visit, you can still get a refund for covered services from your visit. ManyPets’ wellness plan wouldn’t reimburse you for services received before the plan enrollment date.

Compare Plans

Type of Insurance
Accident & Illness
Accident & Illness
Reimbursement Rate
90% of covered vet bills
80%, 90%, or 100% of covered vet bills
Annual Coverage Limit

$10k, $20k, or unlimited for dogs
$7k, $15k, or unlimited for cats

Annual Deductible with flexible pricing options
Annual Deductible with flexible pricing options
Illness Waiting Period
14 days
15 days, unless waiver conditions are met
Accident Waiting Period
14 days
15 days, unless waiver conditions are met
All Pets Ages 8 Wks. & Up Are Eligible to Enroll
All Pets Eligible to Enroll, Regardless of Health
Hereditary & Congenital Conditions
Chronic Conditions
Behavioral Issues
Dental Illnesses
Illnesses Preventable by Vaccines
Only if the illness occurs despite following your vet’s vaccine recommendations
Exam Fees for Accident & Illness Related Vet Visits
Diagnostics, including Radiology & Lab Tests
Surgery, Emergency Services & Hospitalization
Specialized Care
Alternative Therapies
Prescription Meds
Prescription Supplements to Treat Covered Conditions
Prescription Food to Treat Covered Conditions
Microchip Implantation
End of Life Services
Wellness Package / Plan

Preventive Essentials package:
(Not insurance, but an optional add-on)

100% refund of the following routine care services each year:
+ 1 Annual Wellness Exam Fee
+ 4 Vaccines for Puppies, 2 for Dogs, 1 for Cats
+ 1 Fecal “Poop” Test for Intestinal Worms
+ 1 Blood Test for Heartworm & Tick Diseases or Heartworm Only (for Dogs)

ManyPets Wellness plan:
Reimbursement of up to $150/year in four different benefit categories:

Wellness exams and vaccines
Flea/tick/heartworm prevention
Dental cleaning
Holistic supplements and care

Discount for Multiple Pets
10% off for each additional pet
None indicated
Money Back Guarantee
30 days, as long as you have not received approval or payment for a claim (except in NY)
30 days, as long as you have not submitted a claim (except in NY)

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