Cat insurance designed to help the best kitty ever get best-in-class care.

A Pumpkin Cat Insurance plan can help you say ‘yes’ to the best care pawsible.

When they're sick

Help get them the diagnostics, treatment, and prescription medicine they need to get healthy with a Pumpkin insurance plan.

When they’re hurt

Help give them the emergency care, hospitalization, and surgery it takes to get better with a Pumpkin insurance plan.

When they’re recovering

Help prioritize the follow-up vet visits and rehab therapies for accidents & illnesses that let them recover faster with a Pumpkin insurance plan.

What is cat insurance, and why do you need it?

Over a cat’s life, families can expect to spend ~$13,350 on vet care alone!8

From everyday illnesses to emergency accidents, the costs of vet care can really add up over a lifetime. If your kitty gets hurt or sick, a Pumpkin Cat Insurance plan can pay you back for 90% of eligible vet bills. This can make it easier to get the best care and save thousands on costs over their life! Because money should be no object when it comes to caring for the pets we love.

See how Pumpkin stands out from the pack.

When it comes to pet insurance for cats, Pumpkin plans offer a bowlful of coverage benefits some other insurances exclude, limit, or charge sneaky add-on fees for. Let’s dig in…*

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Exam Fees for Accidents
& Illnesses
Additional monthly fee required
Dental Illnesses
Only up to $1k/yr
Annual dental exam required
Behavioral Issues
Only up to $1k/yr
Excluded with some plans
Additional monthly fee required
Rx Food to Treat
Covered Conditions*
Excluded with some plans
Only covers up to 50% for 2 mos
Alternative Therapies
Additional monthly fee required
Only for 12 wks after treatment starts for a covered condition
Additional monthly fee required
90% Reimbursement Rate for All
Breeds Ages 8 Wks & Up
No Preventive Care Requirements
to Cover Certain Illnesses
Depends on plan
Discount for Multiple Pets
All Pets Ages 8 Wks &
Up Are Eligible to Enroll
Depends on plan
14-Day Waiting Period for ALL
Covered Accidents & Illnesses
Optional Wellness Package
(Pumpkin’s package is not insurance, but an easy add-on)

Are Pumpkin insurance plans easy to use? Yep! No head or tail spinning required.

See any vet you choose

Visit any licensed vet or specialist in the US or CAN, and pay as usual when you leave.

Submit a claim online

Enter your claim info, upload a copy of the vet bill + any relevant medical records, and hit submit.

Get paid!

Get paid back quickly for covered vet expenses via direct deposit or check – your choice!

See the difference a Pumpkin Kitten Insurance plan can make!

Here’s a hypothetical example of a kitty with a bladder stone…

Kitty without Pumpkin

insurance plan


Kitty with Pumpkin

insurance plan

Kitty without Pumpkin

insurance plan

In the End...

Poor Tom’s bladder stone did not respond to the special diet, and he spent the next 2 weeks in serious discomfort. After another vet visit and round of X-rays & tests, mom finally agreed to the cystotomy. While Tom recovered quickly, mom was left with major regrets – and more vet bills.
Final Vet Bill: $2,1002

Mom pays $2,100

(Mom pays the bill in full)


Kitty with Pumpkin

insurance plan

In the End...

With peace of mind that her Pumpkin plan would cover it, mom scheduled the cystotomy right away, and the vet was able to surgically remove the bladder stone as planned. As a result, Tom was back to his happy-go-fluffy self in no time, and mom wasn’t stressed about finances.
Final Vet Bill: $1,6502

Mom pays $165

(Pumpkin plan pays back $1,485)

Pumpkin awarded “Best Pet Insurance for Comprehensive Coverage” in 2021 by BusinessInsider.com15

What do Pumpkin Cat Insurance plans cover?

A meowthful!

They cover a wide range of accidents & illnesses + care options to diagnose & treat them.