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Pumpkin & Fetch: Key Differences

While Pumpkin and Fetch by The Dodo (formerly known as Petplan) both offer pet insurance plans that cover accidents & illnesses, there are some key coverage differences you should be aware of when choosing which plan is right for you and your pet. Let’s dig in.

All Pumpkin plans reimburse 90% of covered vet bills. Some Fetch plans don’t.

Fetch Pet Insurance plans offer reimbursement rate options ranging from 70% to 90% and annual coverage limit options ranging from $5k to $15k. At Pumpkin, we try to take the guesswork out of choosing the right amount of coverage. All Pumpkin Pet Insurance plans are designed to give pet parents maximum cash back on covered vet bills with a high 90% reimbursement rate. They all offer a smart annual coverage limit of $10k for dogs or $7k for cats validated by recent claim data from thousands of customers,1 with higher annual limit options available (including an unlimited option) for pet parents looking for added peace of mind.

Pumpkin plans cover Rx food. Fetch plans don’t.

Fetch insurance plans do not cover Rx food. As long as a food is prescribed to treat an eligible accident or illness and not for general health or weight maintenance, Pumpkin insurance plans will cover it. This can be helpful for pets suffering from a range of illnesses, from kidney disease to diabetes. It can also help you save a lot of money if your pet has a chronic condition with special dietary needs since Rx food usually costs more than standard pet food.

Pumpkin plans don't come with a list of preventive care requirements.

Fetch insurance plans require you to take several preventive care measures with your pet, including: an annual wellness exam; an annual dental exam; and “any treatment normally suggested by a veterinarian to prevent illness or injury”, including vaccinations. If you don’t follow these requirements, your Fetch insurance plan may decline to cover several conditions. Pumpkin insurance plans have zero preventive care requirements.

Pumpkin plans don’t have a $1k annual reimbursement limit for behavioral issues.

If your pet needs treatment for a behavioral issue, your Pumpkin insurance plan would reimburse you for 90% of all eligible vet bills, up to your chosen annual limit each year. Fetch insurance plans have a separate annual reimbursement limit of $1,000 for veterinary expenses related to behavioral issues. They also exclude coverage for training related to behavioral disorders.

Pumpkin plans don’t have a 180-day waiting period for knee injury coverage.

Knee injuries, like CCL and ACL tears, are very common and can happen at any age. If surgery is needed to repair a ligament, it can cost thousands. Fetch insurance plans have a 6-month waiting period for knee injuries, which can only be waived if your pet has a vet exam within 30 days of enrollment, and the vet can confirm there was no pre-existing knee condition at that time. Pumpkin insurance plans don’t have an extended waiting period for knee injuries. The waiting period is the same as it is for all conditions: 14 days.

Pumpkin plans don’t have a 180-day waiting period for hip dysplasia coverage.

If you have a dog breed or cat breed with a genetic disposition for hip dysplasia, the sooner you enroll them in insurance – the better, as symptoms can show up as early as 4 months old. The good news is that Pumpkin insurance plans only have a 14-day waiting period for hip dysplasia. Fetch insurance plans have a 6-month waiting period for hip dysplasia. That means if your pet develops symptoms of hip dysplasia during that time, it would be considered a pre-existing condition and your Fetch plan would decline to cover it.

Pumpkin plans offer a 10% multi-pet discount. Fetch plans don’t.

We know pet care can be expensive – especially when you have more than one four-legged family member to budget for. That’s why Pumpkin insurance plans offer a 10% multi-pet discount for each additional pet you enroll. Fetch insurance plans do not offer one.

Pumpkin offers an optional wellness package that refunds routine care. Fetch doesn’t.

Fetch doesn’t offer benefits to help cover the costs of your pet’s routine preventive care. At Pumpkin, we’re just as committed to preventing illnesses and detecting diseases early as we are to treating them. That’s why we worked with leading vets to create Preventive Essentials – our wellness package. It’s not insurance, but an optional benefit you can add to your insurance plan if you want refunds for routine care pets need to stay healthy each year, including: your pet’s annual wellness exam fee; vaccines (4 for puppies, 2 for dogs, 1 for cats); a fecal “poop” test for intestinal worms (roundworms, hookworms & whipworms); and for dogs, a blood test for heartworm disease and diseases spread by ticks (lyme, ehrlichiosis & anaplasmosis).

Compare Plans

Type of Insurance
Accident & Illness
Accident & Illness
Reimbursement Rate
90% of covered vet bills
70%, 80%, or 90% of covered vet bills
Annual Coverage Limit

$10k, $20k, or unlimited for dogs
$7k, $15k, or unlimited for cats

Annual Deductible with flexible pricing options
Annual Deductible with flexible pricing options
Illness Waiting Period
14 days
15 days
Accident Waiting Period
14 days
15 days; 180 days for knee injuries and hip dysplasia
All Pets Ages 8 Wks. & Up Are Eligible to Enroll
All Pets Eligible to Enroll, Regardless of Health
Hereditary & Congenital Conditions
Chronic Conditions
Behavioral Issues
Yes, but reimbursement is limited to $1k per year
Dental Illnesses
Preventable Illnesses

Treatments for parasites are not covered unless there is no preventive medication for the parasite

Treatments for certain vaccinable diseases are not covered unless they develop despite following your vet’s vaccine recommendations

Exam Fees for Accident & Illness Related Vet Visits
Diagnostics, including Radiology & Lab Tests
Surgery, Emergency Services & Hospitalization
Specialized Care
Alternative Therapies
Prescription Meds
Prescription Supplements to Treat Covered Conditions
Prescription Food to Treat Covered Conditions
Microchip Implantation
End of Life Services
Yes, but reimbursement is limited to the original price of the pet, up to $1k

Wellness Package
(Not insurance, but an optional add-on)

100% refund of the following routine care services each year:
+ 1 Annual Wellness Exam Fee
+ 4 Vaccines for Puppies, 2 for Dogs, 1 for Cats
+ 1 Fecal “Poop” Test for Intestinal Worms
+ 1 Blood Test for Heartworm & Tick Diseases or Heartworm Only (for Dogs)

Discount for Multiple Pets
10% off for each additional pet
Money Back Guarantee
30 days, as long as you have not received approval or payment for a claim (except in NY)
30 days, as long as you have not received approval or payment for a claim (except in NY)

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