Start your pup off on the right paw with Preventive Essentials.

Preventive Essentials is what we call Pumpkin’s wellness package. It’s not insurance, but an optional benefit you can add to your insurance plan if you want refunds for routine care dogs need to stay healthy!

Assess Current Health

Help prioritize your dog’s annual wellness exam to support their head-to-tail health with Preventive Essentials.

Prevent Diseases Year-round

Help get your dog important vaccines they need to avoid preventable diseases all year with Preventive Essentials.

Detect Parasites Early

Help keep up with key lab tests that screen your dog for harmful parasite infections with Preventive Essentials.

Preventive Care: Stuff To Know

Pumpkin worked with vets to create Preventive Essentials
packages for puppies under 6 months and adult dogs!

These pawesome packages include:
Annual Wellness Exam

100% refund for the exam fee when your puppy or adult dog gets a yearly check-up, vaccines, and tests – key for overall health and catching illnesses early.

Vaccines at the Vet

100% refund for any 4 puppy vaccines at the vet in Year 1, or any 2 adult dog vaccines at the vet each year – key for protection against dangerous diseases.

Parasite Screening Tests

100% refund for 1 puppy or adult dog’s yearly fecal “poop” test for intestinal worms + 1 adult dog’s yearly blood test for heartworm & tick diseases – key for detecting parasite infections early.

Pawesome news alert!

We recently teamed up with several vet hospitals to design custom Preventive Essentials packages for their patients! Get a quote to see if your clinic is a participating hospital.

“When you know that 3 of the most important things for your pet’s health are fully covered, it makes it easier to know you can afford other things they may need to stay healthy throughout the year.”
Nicholas S., Stella & Marley’s Dad *

Is Preventive Essentials easy to use? Yep! No head or tail spinning required.

See any vet you choose

Visit any licensed vet or specialist in the US or CAN, and pay as usual when you leave.

Submit a claim online

Enter your claim information, upload a copy of your vet bill, and hit submit.

Get paid!

Get paid back quickly for covered vet expenses via direct deposit or eCheck – your choice!

“When we heard about Pumpkin, we were excited because at our hospital we like to focus on preventive and wellness care. It helps ensure we can catch diseases early and practice early intervention.”

Sequoya Serrano,
Practice Manager
Ark Animal Hospital

More wellness care features worth wagging about!

Designed with
vets for pets
Customer service from real people, not bots
Quick & easy
online claims
Special welcome box & toy for your pet

The right time to sign up your pup? Right now!

The sooner you add Preventive Essentials to your insurance plan, the sooner you can get refunds for wellness care that protects against illnesses and diseases.