The Top Cat Christmas Stocking Stuffers This Holiday Season

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Updated - Dec 20th, 2021

Cats might not seem as enthusiastic about Christmas morning as their canine counterparts, but we have some stocking stuffer gift ideas that will be sure to bring a sparkle to their eyes.

From catnip sticks to the crinkliest of crinkle toys, we’ve curated a list of cat stocking stuffers that even the most discriminating purrers will love. If you’re ready to fill your cat’s Christmas stocking to the brim with goodies, read on for some of the best gifts the holiday season has to offer.

Toys for all cats

Potaroma Floppy Fish Cat Toy


This ridiculously popular floppy fish is all the rage on social media.Made of plush yet durable fabric, and filled with the irresistible smell of catnip, once your cat plays with this floppy fish, it won’t be able to stop. 

Small enough to fit in a stocking yet large enough to encourage those full bunny kicks, your feline friend will love this cat stocking stuffer!

Gigwi Interactive sound toy


This cute little song bird will entice the hunter in your feline. This interactive toy makes a realistic bird sound when dropped, kicked, or batted, awakening the mighty hunter in your cat.

Wool Balls


If your cat is young, or just not into catnip, no worries! All cats love wool balls. Roll them around and watch your cat go after them. If they tear them a bit, just dunk them in water and dry them out, the Marino wool fibers heal themselves, giving you a whole ball again for hours of more fun. 

Pet Pro Tip: When shopping for products for your cat, make sure to also help protect your kitty with a best-in-class cat insurance or kitten insurance plan for accidents & illnesses!

Kitty Love Catnip Bubbles


Catnip bubbles are another option to satisfy the catnip craver in your house. Made of safe ingredients infused with catnip, your cat will stay active jumping after floating bubbles while satisfying their catnip craving.

Honeysuckle toys


For young cats who haven’t developed a taste for catnip yet, or the cat who doesn’t love the kitty herb, there’s honeysuckle. Filled with honeysuckle to entice kittens and non-catnip lovers, these plush toys will encourage a play session.

Kitty Kick Stix


Is your cat a kicker? Some kitties’ prefer a large toy to get out some mean bunny kicks. This 15-inch, catnip-filled pillow is just for those cats. It’s great for large or small cats, but especially good for the larger cats who have trouble finding the right size for those kicks instead of your arms.

Robotic Cat Toy


Does your fluffy cat need more exercise? This robotic cat toy will help them do just that! With multiple motion settings, you can set the toy to roll freely while you watch your cat play in amusement.

Krinkle Balls


This classic Krinkle ball is a tried-and-true addition to any cat Christmas stocking.Not only is it lightweight making it easy to bat around, but cats love the sound it makes. These are especially great for kittens, too!

Cat treats that promote well-being

Toys, bow ties, and candy canes aren’t the only additions to the pet Christmas gift list. Here are some treat ideas that serve more than one purpose.

Organic Cat Grass


Cat grass is another amazing cat stocking stuffer. Cat grass offers an organic remedy for hairballs and digestive problems, and cats love chewing on it. Plus, by gifting them a plant of their own, you might just keep them away from yours – the gift that keeps on giving!

WoLover Catnip Sticks


Many cats crave catnip, but for those who don’t, there’s an alternative that doubles as a dental stick. Made from natural, unprocessed Matatabi Silvervine sticks, your cat can chew them to clean their teeth. These are especially great for getting those back molars that’re so often out of reach. The aromatic smell of the stick will attract most cats for hours of drooling, chewing, and rubbing while it cleans those pearly whites!

Cat Treat Dispenser


Exercise is a great enrichment tool for any cat, and this toy treat dispenser helps even the most unmotivated of felines. These treat dispenser balls roll around on the floor as your cat bats at them, motivated by the treats inside. Just keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t eat too many!

Catnip Grinder


If your cat is a diva, and only wants fresh catnip, this catnip grinder is a must-have. It works like a pepper grinder and comes with a good supply of fresh catnip pellets. The grinding releases the natural oils and aromas, enticing cats every time. Be sure to use organic catnip for that extra special kitty.

Tiki Cat Soft Treats


These low-calorie treats are purrfect for a treat dispenser. Small, grain-free, with only three calories per treat. Use them in a treat dispenser, or hide them around the house for your cat to hunt down. Treats are a wonderful way to encourage roaming when your cat needs some extra exercise.

Vital Essentials Minnows


Made of freeze-dried whole minnows, small enough for tiny cats and large enough for the big ones, this single-protein source treat makes for a great cat stocking stuffer. They are chewy and will have your cats running when you open the bag.

P.S. – If your cat isn’t a fish lover, there are several other flavors of this tasty treat.

Catnip Greenies


Great for natural dental care, Greenies come in a catnip flavor your feline friend will love. So much so, they may prefer them over a toothbrush. Dental care is critical for cats’ health, so if yours is reluctant to accept that toothbrush, try these. 

HIBOS Cat Dental Care Kit


This all-in-one dental kit will help you keep your cat’s teeth pearly white and your fingers clean. The design is acceptable for cats who shy away from the toothbrush, making their dental care routine easy and fast. No cat Christmas stocking should be without a resource for good dental health.

Priming Pet Hair Remover Glove


Not all cats accept the many brushes available on the market and hairballs can be a problem. If your cat hates being brushed, try this grooming mitt.

Nu Cat Multivitamins


Cats are self-groomers, but their diet may not completely meet the conditioning needs of their skin and coat. If your cat could use some help in that area, try some Nutriscience multivitamins complete with Omega 3s to supple up that skin and add some luster to that coat.

Stocking stuffers for the well-dressed cat

For the well-dressed cat on your Christmas list, without the DIY component, here’s a fun run-down on some holiday clothing options.

Boombone Cat Collar


What holiday party is complete without a cute cat in a Christmas collar? Add some jingle to that holiday wardrobe with this stunning holiday collar complete with a Christmas flower and jingle bell.

Christmas Tree Cat Outfit


Your cat shouldn’t be IN the Christmas tree, it should BE the Christmas tree! This Christmas tree outfit is over-the-top cute and will have everyone gushing over your kitty. Made with soft coral fleece, your cat will be warm and cozy – so long as they don’t swat it off!

Whaline Christmas Costume Set


Have more than one cat? Dress them both up with this holiday cat combo. One can be Santa and one can be a reindeer! Garments are made with a cozy, soft fleece, and the antlers and santa hat have stretchy elastic holds the antlers safely on your cat’s head without pulling their hair.

The best stocking stuffer of all: A healthy life

No matter what you put in your cat’s stocking this year, nothing beats a happy and healthy life. Learn how you can treat your best fur friend to the best care with our insurance plans this holiday season.

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