7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Pet’s “Gotcha” Day!

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Updated - Jun 14th, 2022

The day your pet joined your household is a special day indeed! While many of us do not know our dog or cat’s actual birthday, we ‌remember the day they started changing our lives for the better, also known as their “Gotcha” Day.

To commemorate this day, many pet parents do something special for their beloved fur babies. Here are some thoughtful and fun ideas to celebrate your pet’s Gotcha Day.

1. Donate to local animal shelters and rescues

The day is about celebrating your pet’s life with you, but many dogs and cats are still looking for their furever homes. What better way to celebrate your pet’s life than giving back to shelters and rescues in their name? Don’t forget to share the donation on social media to generate more interest for your favorite organizations.

2. Provide a ball bucket to your dog’s favorite dog park

Dogs who love to play fetch are plentiful at dog parks. If your dog is too, donate a bucket filled with bright tennis balls in your dog’s name. You can add a plaque or paint your pup’s name on the bucket for all dogs to enjoy your dog’s favorite pastime. 

Dog parks also provide poop bags and water stations. If a ball bucket doesn’t fit your dog’s preferences, maybe donating poop bags or water buckets at the stations will.

3. Throw a “Gotcha” Day Party!

Does your dog or cat have fellow furry friends? Celebrate by throwing a “Gotcha Day Pawty” complete with a pet-friendly birthday cake or cupcakes, dog treats or cat treats in pawty bags, and matching party hats and bandanas.

Add a wading pool if the day is hot, or an obstacle course to keep the dogs engaged and playing. Cats would love a playdate party on a catio complete with different sized cat trees, a parent/pet photo shoot, or loads of catnip toys and wand teasers to share. The sky’s the limit!

4. Treat your pet to a spa day

For some pets, grooming is relaxing and helps them feel more comfortable. A spa day at the groomer’s complete with fur trim and maybe even a manicure (pet-friendly polish only!) can add up to a day of total pet pampering.

5. Prepare a special dinner

Our pets have culinary favorites. A meal of their tastiest favorites will make them feel special and well fed. Prepare the meal yourself (and don’t forget to share tidbits while preparing it), or order from a restaurant that includes a pet menu and share the meal, spending extra time with your beloved tail-wagging or purring bestie.

6. Take your pet on a shopping spree

A visit to your pet’s favorite pet store can be a fun outing on their special day. Let your dog or cat pick out a new toy or six, and some tasty treats. In some stores, cats can meander the catnip and kitty grass aisles choosing favorites as well. Dogs can wander the dog toy and treat aisles until they find the perfect addition to their basket of favorite things.

7. Protect your pet with pet insurance

We don’t think we need pet insurance for our fur babies until the unexpected happens. Worry less about cost with a pet insurance plan that helps you pay for care when accidents or illnesses happen. There is nothing that says “I love you” quite like helping your furry best friend get the best care at the vet.

Gotcha Day Gifts

Catnip Wine Pawty Pack for Kitties


100% organic catnip and valerian mix in each bottle to increase playful stimulation. Hide wine-infused toys around the house for a special day of hunting for your floof.

Bubba Rose Biscuit Doggy Birthday Cake


This crunchy cake comes to you already prepared with a tasty apple-peanut butter cake made with organic ingredients sure to please your pooch’s palate.

“Gotcha” Day Bandanas


Multiple colors are available for this cute cotton bandana. 

Gotcha Day Party Decorations Kit


Decorate for the pawty with this complete decoration kit. Hats, banners, balloons, and photo props for photo shoots.

DIY Gotcha Cake Kit


Prefer to make your tail-wagger’s cake yourself? This kit comes with a peanut butter cake mix, a doggy bone pan, and candle for your pup’s special day.

Pawdicure Nail Polish Pens


Your pup will love the extra attention showing off stylishly polished nails. These polish pens are pet-friendly and easy to apply on a DIY pet spa Gotcha day.

Your pet’s Gotcha Day is the perfect opportunity to spend some extra time showering them with love. No matter what you choose to do, we hope you enjoy celebrating the joy they have brought to your life.

Lynn Guthrie

Lynn Guthrie

Writer, Mom of a Fab Fur Fam of Five
Lynn is a writer and long-time Learning & Development Manager at a large PNW retailer. She's also mom to 3 dogs & 2 cats!
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