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Updated - Nov 10th, 2021

‘Tis (about to be) the season, and no one deserves a visit from Santa more than our faithful, furry companions. But, how do you know what to get a pup if he can’t write his own Holiday Wish List? Well, leave it to the animal whisperers at Pumpkin Pet Insurance to put together the pawfect selection for pooches. 

From affordable, vet-recommended, personalized gifts to the hottest pet-tech gadgets of 2020, this list includes top picks that every pup will be howling about this year.

Note: All prices listed are from the day of publication (11/17), prices may have changed since.

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Vet-Approved Puppy Presents

Pet health is at the top of many people’s lists each year. If you want a furry friend to unwrap some doctor-approved presents, here are some products our vets are digging.

  1. Outward Hound Fun Feeder Interactive Dog Bowl: We love to spoil our four-legged friends, which promotes overeating, weight gain, and boredom. This interactive bowl challenges a dog’s mind and keeps his instincts on point, all while increasing the time it takes to finish a meal.
    $11.98 on Amazon

  2. Comfy Dog-Calming Cuddler Bed: We humans aren’t the only ones who want to be comfy while we sleep. This cuddler is perfect for dogs that like to burrow. And like a momma-dog, it has both soft and more rigid parts to provide comfort and support simultaneously.
    $26.99-$116.99 on Amazon

  3. QUMY Waterproof Dog Booties: Cold concrete, road salt, and ice build-up on a pup’s paws can be very dangerous, not to mention a real holiday bummer. Keep their feet warm and protected with these booties. As an added bonus, you’ll be endlessly entertained watching the dog get used to them!
    $19.99-$28.99 on Amazon

  4. FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Brush: In the wild, a dog’s undercoat would be stripped as it’s brushed by trees and twigs. But in our homes, this does not happen naturally. To make a dog more comfy and ready for their summer coat, use a FURminator brush to help shed out the thickness.
    $31.99 on Amazon

  5. Best Bully Sticks 100% Natural Bully Sticks: Single-ingredient treats made from beef muscle, bully sticks are a healthy way to satisfy a dog’s chewing instincts. Bully sticks are also easily digestible, and a good source of amino acids to support a dog’s brain, body, and coat.
    $24.99 on Amazon

Tech-based Must-Haves for Every Pup

Just because Brewer can’t use an iPhone doesn’t mean he can’t have his paw on the pulse of puppy tech. Here are our favorite gadgets for the savvy pup (and pup-owners).

  1. Furbo Nanny Cam Bundle: The humans at Furbo have one-upped their popular dog camera with the Furbo Nanny Cam Bundle. Now, dog owners can keep an eye on their pups with the original Furbo Dog Camera AND unlimited access to Furbo Dog Nanny features for a low monthly subscription of $9.99.
    $199 on Amazon

  2. iFetch Interactive Ball Thrower: A lot of dogs love to play fetch, but do all owners? Maybe not. The iFetch interactive ball thrower is a workout for the little athlete’s body and brain, but doesn’t require so much human effort.
    $112.46 on Amazon

  3. Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball: Unless they’re being launched out of a robot, regular old tennis balls can be boring. This toy interacts with pups via motion-activated technology. It growls. It wisecracks. It basically provides endless entertainment.
    $7.57 on Amazon

  4. Arf Pets Automatic Feeder: Know a super-busy pet owner? Or know a pup that eats too fast? This super-sleek automatic feeder is the perfect holiday gift for either scenario. It can be set to automatically dispense up to four meals a day.
    $79.99 on Amazon

  5. Jiobit GPS Dog Location Monitor: This device, small enough to clip to a dog’s collar, uses cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth to keep track of a pet’s location. Adventure away, canine explorers. We’ll always find you!
    $129.99 on Amazon

Pawsonalized Gifts For a Furry Friend

Rex. Scout. Ziggy. Whatever you call your pupper, they have a personality all their own. Why not help them bring out their “paw”sonality with some personalized gifts in their stocking?

  1. BarkBox Subscription: BarkBox is the hottest pet subscription service, with a monthly boxful of the best customized items from their current collection. Just let them know your dog’s size, and you can give a furry friend a gift that keeps on giving.
    $23/month on BarkBox.com

  2. Frisco Personalized Nylon Dog Collar: With an endless amount of color combinations, any dog can be the coolest dude in town with his name or initials woven into this nylon dog collar. Ruff, ruff. Bling, bling!
    Starting at $13.99 on Chewy.com

  3. Wisdom Panel Premium Dog DNA Test: Not sure of a dog’s breed? The Wisdom Panel test draws from a database of 350 different breeds to provide insight into heritage and predispositioned health risks.
    $159.99 on Amazon

  4. Custom YETI Boomer 8 Dog Bowl: YETI has ventured into the pet world with absolutely stunning customizable bowls. Made with stainless steel and a non-slip bottom, they’re dishwasher safe and practically indestructible. 
    $49.99 on Yeti.com 

  5. MODUS Anti-Barking Device: There’s a time to bark and not bark. Train them to know the difference, with this 100% doggie-safe bark deterrent that emits a high-pitched frequency only dogs can hear, helping to curb unwanted behaviors.
    $29.99 on Amazon

Everyday Picks for Pups

Here are five more Fido-approved gifts that your dog will love to unwrap this holiday (if they had thumbs!).

  1. Chuckit! Sport Launcher Dog Ball Thrower: Sure, you have the arm of a major league pitcher. We believe you. But why not give that cannon a rest—and gift a dog this ball launcher.
    $7.95 on Amazon

  2. Whisk and Wag Apple & Cinnamon Dog Treat Mix: Just blend together the all-natural ingredients to make the dough, shape the cookies, pop them in the oven, and dogs can enjoy holiday cookies, too!
    $9.99 on Chewy.com

  3. Frisco Round Pet Fountain: We all prefer fresh, filtered water: dogs included! Why not serve up 50 ounces of it from a super-quiet fountain, complete with a sleek, minimalist bowl, a six-foot cord and a replaceable carbon filter?
    $34.22 on Chewy.com

  4. Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Machine: Bacon bubbles? Did you say bacon bubbles? BACON BUBBLES!!! Dogs love popping bubbles. You know what else dogs love? Dogs LOVE bacon. What better gift than an automatic bubble maker with bacon-scented bubbles?
    $59.95 on Amazon

  5. Kiehl’s Cuddly-Coat Grooming Shampoo: Dogs groom themselves to encourage the growth of hair follicles and to support skin health. But a stinky dog might need a bath a few times a year to supplement the process. Made with chamomile flower extract, this soap-free, PH-balanced, luscious body wash will leave them feeling fresh.
    $25.00 on Kiehls.com

This is just a small selection of super holiday gifts for that special furbaby in your life (believe us, we spent far too long and had way too much fun exploring all the options.) No matter which gift you choose, expect every pup to play with the wrapping paper first. Hey, it’s the simple things, right?

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