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Updated - Jun 30th, 2022

It’s that time of year again! The sun is high in the sky and we’re spending more time outdoors with our canine companions. As we break out our sunscreen, coolers, and outdoor games, it’s important to think of our dogs’ needs, too.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite summer pet products. Here are some summer essentials to help your pooch beat the heat while having fun outdoors.

Keeping cool

When temperatures soar, protecting your dog from heat exhaustion, harmful sun rays, and paw injuries from hot sand or pavement is vital. Here are some summer essentials that will provide the maximum protection for your best doggy friend.

Qumy Dog Boots


When the temperature is 77° the pavement can reach 125°, seriously burning your dog’s paw pads. Sand at the beach can get just as hot. Protect those paws with doggy boots.

These boots are sturdy enough for everyday use and made with high-quality fabric and reflective strips. The anti-slip soles protect paw pads from hot sand or pavement as well as providing protection from sharp objects like thorns or gravel. 

Offered in 8 sizes and 6 colors, they are hand washable, and easy to put on and get off wiggly dogs. These boots also offer protection from cold icy weather, making them the perfect paw protection boot no matter the season.

Pecute Dog Cooling Vest


Dogs can easily overheat, but a cooling vest can help keep their core temperature down while also providing UV protection. This cooling vest has full back and chest coverage for optimum core cooling, with 50+ UV protection.

The concept behind this vest is to soak it in cool water and wring it out for hours of use. The soft fabric and well-cut edges keep your dog comfortable even when active.

Chillz Cooling Mat 


Dogs don’t perspire to cool themselves down like us humans. Instead, they cool themselves down by panting. If you live in a hot climate or don’t have air conditioning, your dog may have to work harder to keep their core body temperature down. A cooling pad absorbs your dog’s body heat, allowing them to cool down and remain comfortable.

The Chillz Cooling Mat is lightweight, puncture-resistant, and portable. The patented design contains a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly cooling gel that absorbs your dog’s body heat for up to three hours. When your dog leaves the mat, it recharges in as little as 20 minutes, ready for a hot dog to relax and chill.

This pad is useful for travel, camping, and indoors as a dog bed. It even works for cats and humans.

All For Paws Chill Out Dog Ice Bandana


A cooling bandana can keep your dog cool for hours. This one has a larger coverage area than most others and comes in small, medium, and large sizes. The soft, cold-sensing fabric won’t irritate your dog’s neck or movement.

Wet the fabric, put it in the fridge for about 10 minutes, and secure it to your dog with the velcro straps for hours of cool comfort.

Making a splash

Splash Sprinkler Pad for Dogs


What dog doesn’t go nuts over a sprinkler or a running hose? Give them plenty of sprinkler fun with this puncture-proof splash pad complete with sprinkler spray. 

Foldable for easy storage, this pad is large at 59 inches for plenty of doggy fun on a scorching summer day. Just plug it into any garden hose and your dog can enjoy hours of water play.

Outward Hound Granby Splash Orange Life Jacket


Do you spend a lot of time at the beach or at the pool? Let your dog get their float on while staying safe with this life jacket made with ripstop material providing maximum buoyancy in the water.

Adjustable straps, a neoprene belly band, and side release buckles make this life jacket easy to get on and off your dog. 

This jacket will support all swimmers from beginner to advanced levels. The multi-handle grips make it easy to lift your dog out of the water, and provide you with easy access should your dog need help while swimming. All dogs should wear life jackets around deep or moving water for maximum safety.

KoolTail Inflatable Dog Raft


If your dog loves to join you in the water, a raft can keep them afloat, reducing fatigue from constant swimming. This is also great for dogs who don’t care to swim but need to cool off. 

KoolTail made this dog raft with tough PVC material to resist punctures from doggy claws. The cute paw-shaped raft is large enough to accommodate large breed dogs and remain stable in the water.

Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool


If you don’t have a pool and don’t go to the beach, a dog pool is a great way to keep your dog from overheating in your own backyard. This pool is foldable for easy storage and made with extra tough slip-resistant, PVC materials for extra durability. 

With no need for inflation, this pool sets up quickly. Jasonwell offers several sizes to fit most dogs or multiple dog households.

Staying hydrated

Trio Gato Outdoor Water Dispenser


Keeping dogs hydrated in warmer weather is a challenge, especially when outdoor drinking dishes collect dirt and bugs. This outdoor on-demand water dispenser serves two purposes – cold water on demand, and freedom from that dirty water bowl.

Heavy gauge steel makes this self-serve water fountain very durable. When your dog steps on the paw-shaped pedal, water shoots through the rust-resistant copper fittings to provide hydration for your dog. The non-slip rubber pads keep it from moving, too!

Yicostar Dog Water Bottle 


This large 19 oz. water bottle is lightweight and great for dogs on the go. Unlike a water bowl, it’s easy to carry along during hikes, outdoor activities, walks, and traveling. The no spill design also saves water by allowing you to fill the drinking reservoir for quenching your dog’s thirst, and pressing a button to transport the remaining water back into the bottle for a no waste experience.

Offered in several bright colors, this doggy water bottle is a must for keeping your pooch hydrated while on the go.

NAMSAM Dog Sunglasses


Even dogs can get eye strain from bright sunlight. To protect your pup’s eyes, and keep them looking ultra-cool, grab a pair of these doggy sunglasses.

These come with a soft chin strap that will ensure these sunglasses stay in place. The translucent lenses have a UV protectant coating, ensuring eye protection in the sun.

Canine Friendly Solis UV Protection Dog Shirt


Dogs with thin or light-colored coats may need extra protection from UV rays. This dog shirt offers 40+ UV protection and comes in multiple colors and sizes to fit any dog and includes a leash port.

The stretchy UV-protected fabric ensures protection and comfort. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s measuring instructions for the perfect fit!

Epi-Pet K-9 Care Sunscreen


Keep those ears, legs, and paws protected from sunburn with this FDA-compliant 30+ UVA/UVB ray protectant doggy sunscreen.

It includes skin and coat conditioners and a non-greasy formula that is water and sweat-resistant. Check out our full list of dog sunscreens if you want some additional options!

Don’t forget the treats and toys!

Hoggin Dogs Ice Cream


Forget the puppacinos with high fat content. This DIY ice cream made special for dogs is a great way to give your dog a tasty frozen treat. 

Add water to any of these four tasty flavors and freeze. You get a scoopable ice cream treat without the high fat or sugar content.

Made with all-natural ingredients and lactose-free milk, store the powder at room temperature until you’re ready to make up a batch of creamy goodness.

Expawlorer Floating Dog Toys


Squeaky toys that also float are key for water lovers. Take these toys to the beach, into the pool, or in the yard for maximum durability and interactive play.

Made of sturdy oxford material, these toys hold up to most active dogs. Each pack includes two toys for your best buddy’s enjoyment.

Nylabone Moderate Chill and Chew Adult Dog Toy


If your dog isn’t a big fan of the water, you can still offer a cool chew to keep them cool and busy. The Nylabone Chill and Chew dog toy is chicken flavored, and hides several pockets to include dog treats, dog food, or peanut butter for more interactive enjoyment. 

Keep your dog’s mouth cool by filling and freezing the chew for hours of cooling chewing time.

Keeping dogs cool and hydrated during the dog days of summer is the best way to avoid any risk of heat exhaustion. But if your furry friend does get into trouble during the summer months, the best summer essential is pet insurance, for those unexpected ruh-rohs.

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