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Updated - Jan 20th, 2022

While scratching is completely normal feline behavior, it’s understandably frustrating when your favorite piece of furniture happens to fall victim to your cat’s claws. Cat condos are a fantastic way to draw your feline friend’s attention away from your precious furniture and direct them to an appealing structure all their own.

Cat condos are multi-level structures made out of materials like wood, carpet, and natural fibers that invite cats to sharpen their claws. They come in all kinds of different shapes, sizes, and styles, so you should have no trouble finding one that accommodates your cat and compliments your home. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best cat condos on the market as well as some things to consider when you’re shopping for one. 

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Cat condo considerations

Before we jump into our recommendations for the best cat condos, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself to ensure you choose the best structure for you and your cat.

  • Cleaning: It’s likely that your cat condo will need cleaning from time to time, whether to remove dirt and hair or other substances. Keep the ease of cleaning it in mind as you peruse different cat towers. Will you be able to wipe the surfaces down? Is it washable – i.e., can its components be removed for washing?
  • Aesthetics: There are all kinds of different cat tree condos on the market these days, so there’s no need to settle for one that you consider an eyesore. Think carefully about what style or design would work well in your home. Are there materials (like solid wood or faux fleece) or colors that you covet? Incorporate those into your search.
  • Safety: If your cat is large or excessively rambunctious, their cat furniture needs may be different from someone with a more sedentary or indoor cat. If your cat tends to be more on the adventurous side, look for towers, tree houses, or tall cat trees that are sturdy or can be fixed to the wall. The last thing you want is for the cat tree tower to topple and injure your cat or someone else. 
  • Size: Not only do you need to think about what size of cat tower you can reasonably accommodate in your space, but you should also consider what size of cat condo your cat requires. If you have multiple cats you may need to invest in a larger structure than if you have just one feline friend. Similarly, large cats may require larger structures to ensure they (and their cat toys) fit comfortably. Pay special attention to the dimensions of each cat tree and read reviews to glean insights about the size of cats they work best for. 

Will a cat condo work for my cat?

While there are no guarantees, more than likely, your cat will love having their own cat condo.

For one thing, cats are instinctively drawn to high places. Up high, cats are out of reach of household predators like dogs, small children, and vacuum cleaners. Plus, they enjoy keeping a watchful eye on their surroundings.

As long as you keep your cat’s needs in mind while shopping, you should be able to select a structure that they find appealing. Once your new cat tree is home you can draw your cat to it using catnip, treats, and praise. Though, since cats are naturally curious, it’s likely just a matter of time before they stake their claim on this new piece of furniture. 

Best overall cat condo

  1. Vesper Cat Tree

We love the Vesper Cat Tree for its stylish appearance and dynamic features. It offers three separate lounging platforms, an enclosed cube-shaped condo for hiding, a hanging toy, and multiple scratching posts. Because it’s so spacious, this cat tree can easily accommodate multiple cats.

With three finishes to choose from (walnut, oak, and black), there’s a good chance you can coordinate this cat tree with your existing home decor. With a compact base (22.1 x 22.1 inches) and a height of 47.9 inches, this attractive cat condo offers plenty of room for your cat to play while taking up only a small footprint. What’s more, the MDF finish is easy to wipe clean, and the removable memory foam lounging pads or cat beds can be replaced if they become worn out. 

The chic, minimalist design of this structure makes it a versatile enough compliment to many interior design styles, particularly mid-century, modern, and Scandinavian-inspired spaces. 

Best cat condo for multi-cat households

  1. HAMATE Multi-Level Cat Condo

The HAMATE multi-level cat condo is large enough to accommodate multiple cats. In fact, it can even be separated into two units if necessary! 

No cat will be able to resist this luxurious multi-level cat tree. Standing 57 inches high, this cat tree features several platforms for your cat to lounge on. Your cat will love reclining in the attached hammock and napping in one of the two cozy condos that are part of the structure.

But this cat tree isn’t just about relaxing. The structure incorporates multiple cat scratching posts and interactive balls to create an irresistible playground for your furry pal. The use of carpet and sisal rope on the scratching posts makes for multiple enticing surfaces for your cat to scratch.  

The frame of the structure is built with P2-grade particle wood, which is strong enough to support multiple medium or larger cats.   

Best stylish cat condos

Pet Pro Tip: When shopping for products for your cat, make sure to also help protect your kitty with a best-in-class cat insurance or kitten insurance plan for accidents & illnesses!

  1. PetPals New Paper Rope Cat Perch

The natural beige color and woven components of this cat condo give it a modern-boho appearance which should be easy to incorporate into your home decor. 

With two luxurious perches, your cat will love lounging on this PetPals cat tree. The paper rope scratching post and dangling toy are sure to steal your cat’s attention away from your furniture. 

This cat condo is well-reviewed and comes in two sizes, so you can choose the option that best fits your space. The tall version stands 28 inches, while the short version is 23 inches high. Reviewers note that this structure is likely best for small or medium cats, since big cats might knock it over. 


For those with a mid-century modern or Craftsman-inspired interior design scheme, this sleek wooden cat tree is sure to appeal. Designed to mimic a flower, the Lotus Cat Tower is made from high-quality plywood with a beautiful oak veneer that comes in three finishes. Choose from mahogany, espresso, or smoke to ensure the tower complements your existing decor.  

This stylish cat tower stands at nearly six feet tall and offers four separate platforms for cats to play. At the base, an enclosed cat condo provides a secure place for cats to hide out or rest. The platforms are covered with Berber carpet which can be removed for cleaning. With so much area to occupy, this structure can easily accommodate multiple cats. 

Best vertical cat trees

  1. Made4pets Modern Cat Tree

The sleek, vertical design of this cat condo makes it a great option for those with limited floor space. The footprint of this unit is just 22.8 x 15.7 inches, and it stands 65.6 inches high, offering plenty of real estate for your cat to lounge and play.

With six platforms, a large kitty hammock, scratchers, and multiple dangling toys, this structure is essentially a kitty theme park. Your cat will love sharpening their nails on the sisal-covered scratching posts and lounging in the enclosed cubby. 

You will appreciate the cute cat-shaped cutout on the condo, the attractive wood-grain surfaces, and the fact that each perch is covered with a removable mat that you can easily toss in the wash.   

2. HAPYKITYS Mounted Real Wood Cat Climber

Designed to be mounted against a wall, this structure will take your cat to new heights. The HAPYKITYS cat climber offers 73 inches of dynamic play space across four different platforms. The platforms are arranged in a ladder structure, making it fun for your cat to jump from one level to the next. Some of the platforms have cutouts for adventurous cats to climb right through! The pole of the cat climber is wrapped in a natural sisal rope, which your cat will love sinking their nails into. 

Reviewers commend this cat condo for being sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. With a minimal style and natural wood and fiber surfaces, it has a very unobtrusive design that is sure to fit with your existing decor. Be sure to mount this cat tree against a stud to ensure it stays in place.  

Best artistic cat condos

  1. Mau Lifestyle Wooden Cat Tree

The quirky design of this Mau Lifestyle cat tree recalls something from a Dr. Seuss book. Crafted with a real tree branch, the structure features a beautiful wicker basket for lounging as well as an elevated perch adorned with a faux-fur material that resembles a cloud! 

The trunk of the cat tree is wrapped with jute rope, making a resilient and appealing scratching surface for your cat. Standing 45 inches high, your feline friend is sure to enjoy surveying their domain from the top of this artistic perch.

Mau Lifestyle donates a portion of its proceeds to supporting animal welfare and conservation organizations, so you can spoil your cat knowing your dollars are supporting important work!

2. PawHut Cat Tree

Incorporate a woven basket, sisal scratching posts, and a bohemian-inspired orb shape, this cat tree looks like it was pulled from the Tulum jungle! 

Your cat will love snoozing away in the wicker basket that encloses the top platform or swatting at the dangling pom pom and rope toys that come affixed to the structure. The sisal scratching posts and carpeted middle platform provide varied scratching surfaces that will be difficult to resist.

Measuring 19″ L x 15.75″ W x 39.25″ H, this cat condo is quite compact, making it a great fit for small spaces. However, because of its small size, this structure is best suited to cats under 10 pounds. 

Best cat trees for small spaces

  1. Catry Wooden Cat Condo

Standing just 30 inches tall, with a footprint of 14 x 16 inches, this simple Catry cat condo is unassuming while offering plenty of environments for your cat to enjoy. The structure features an enclosed cat house and an elevated surveillance platform connected with a sisal-wrapped scratching post where your cat will love sharpening their claws. Each level of this cat condo is covered with a comfortable fleece mat which can be removed for washing if need be. 

While this cat condo is small, it is sturdy enough to accommodate cats of any size. It’s a particularly good option for kittens who will be able to easily scale each of the levels, despite their small size. Though, reviewers made it clear that their adult cats are more than thrilled with the structure too!  

2. FEANDRA Medium Cat Tree

This sleek cat tower by FEANDRA incorporates a wood veneer, plush faux-fur pads, and sisal rope to create a dynamic mix of surfaces that your cat won’t be able to resist. 

The base of the structure features an enclosed cat condo with multiple cutouts offering your feline friend plenty of places to peek out of while relaxing. Each of the cat tree’s platforms is covered with a luxurious fluffy pad, which can be removed easily for washing. 

Standing just 33.9 inches high, this cat tree is very unobtrusive while providing ample space for your cat to frolic and lounge.

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