10 Best Names For Tabby Cats

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Updated - Oct 26th, 2021

Badger is an adorable name for a mackerel-patterned tabby cat since badgers have similar markings on their fur. This is also a fun name if you’re a Breaking Bad aficionado who enjoys the boneheaded yet lovable fan-favorite character, Badger.

This is a super cool name if you’ve got a striped tabby cat. The ubiquitous barcode as we know it today was actually based on Morse code, with thick and thin lines replacing the dots and dashes. The first version of barcodes were bullseye-shaped – not unlike the shape on the side of some classic tabbies.

While confetti is fun and festive, it can also be a bit messy. If you have a fun-loving spotted tabby who tends to leave your house in disarray, Confetti would be a fitting choice.

Freckles are cute when they are on humans, but would be an especially cute name for a spotted tabby. This is also a great choice for fans of Lost, who will remember Freckles as Sawyer’s annoyingly endearing pet name for Kate.  

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Tabby cats’ distinctive M-shaped pattern on their forehead practically cries out for a fun name that starts with M. Major is a majorly fun choice for a tabby boy who is a little bit bossy. 

This name works for almost any pattern of tabby cat since marbles come in striped, spotted, and whirling patterns. While the name Marbles was made famous by YouTuber Jenna Marbles, whose pet Chihuahua is nicknamed Marbles, it would make an excellent name for your new tabby, too. 

From ramen to spaghetti, noodles are delicious in all forms. Noodles would be a great fit for a boy or girl tabby with a striped or swirled pattern and a scrumptious personality. 

Ripples is another great option for a classic or mackerel tabby. Tabby patterns often look like ripples on calm waters, so this would be a fitting choice for a mostly chill tabby with bursts of energy.

The name Tabitha is an excellent name for a tabby girl of any pattern. Besides for the name’s play on tabby, Tabitha was also the name of the anthropomorphic cat in many of Beatrix Potter’s novels. The character Tabitha Twitchit was a clever and protective momma cat, so this would make a fitting choice for a smart girl who always has your back.

You might say the swirling tabby pattern is a “whirlwind” of color! This name would make a great choice for any tabby with this distinct pattern – especially breeds with boundless energy, like American Curls, Egyptian Maus, Ocicats, Orientals, or Toygers.

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