Mooshu’s Rock-Eating Antics Lead to Emergency Vet Visit

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Updated - Sep 19th, 2023

Who? Mooshu, a Shiba Inu

How old? 1 year old

What happened? Swallowed several small rocks

Cost of treatment: $6,984

Pumpkin plan paid back*: $5,796

Life doesn’t get better for Shiba Inu pup Mooshu than a day of exercising in the backyard, playing with his favorite chew toy, and enjoying a well-deserved nap. His mom Ashley says that Mooshu is a very independent pup with a sweet, loving side. The chief protector of his family, he makes sure his humans always feel safe and happy.

Mooshu started experiencing nonstop diarrhea and vomiting out of the blue one day. Ashley took him straight to his primary veterinary hospital to figure out what the problem was. Mooshu’s veterinarian gave him a blood test, anti-nausea medication to help with the vomiting, and performed a series of X-rays. 

Mooshu’s X-rays revealed something shocking. There were multiple foreign objects in his stomach! The culprits for his sudden symptoms turned out to be several small rocks that Mooshu had eaten from the yard. The veterinarian immediately transferred Mooshu to an emergency clinic for surgery. They needed to act quickly to prevent further internal damage.

“Mooshu was tested and prepped for surgery to retrieve the rocks in his stomach. Mooshu had to receive that surgery because the veterinarian advised it – I was told if he did not have surgery then the rocks could move and rupture his intestines.”

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for dogs to eat things they shouldn’t. This is called foreign body ingestion. Our pups can snack on everything from rocks to fabric to plastic toys. Sometimes small items can be passed safely, but foreign bodies usually require immediate veterinary attention. 

Rushing Mooshu into surgery was a frightening and stressful ordeal for Ashley. As a first-time pet parent, such an unexpected and severe veterinary emergency was uncharted territory.

“I was extremely scared. Mooshu is my first pet and I didn’t know exactly how to handle things. I’m sure this is how my parents felt when I was ill.”

In addition to the emotional turmoil, the cost of surgery and care for Mooshu’s rock-swallowing ran into the thousands. Fortunately, Ashley got pet insurance for Mooshu when he was a puppy, so she had accident & illness coverage in place ready to help. Mooshu’s care costs came to $6,984, and his Pumpkin plan paid Ashley back an enormous $5,796 for her eligible expenses.

Mooshu’s surgery was successful and he was able to return home to recover with Ashley and the rest of his family. Ashley hopes nothing like this will happen to Mooshu again, but she knows that if it does, his Pumpkin plan will be right there to help him get the veterinary care he needs.

“I just hope Mooshu’s story can help any other pet parents going through illnesses with their pets.”


*Example illustrates reimbursement of an eligible claim at a 90% reimbursement rate, the annual deductible had already been satisfied and the annual limit had not yet been met. Coverage and reimbursement results vary based on policy options.

Emma Radmilovic

Emma Radmilovic

Emma is Pumpkin’s copywriter – she’s a dog & cat lover and never misses a chance to write a cheesy pet pun!
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