How King Coped with a Mystery Stomach Upset

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Updated - Aug 1st, 2023

Who? King, a large mixed-breed pup

How old? 2 years

What happened? Severe gastrointestinal issues

Cost of treatment: $6138

Pumpkin plan paid back*: $5271

King is a rambunctious 2-year-old mixed-breed pup – he’s part Portuguese water dog, so you know he is as fluffy as he is friendly! King keeps to his meal and walking schedule like clockwork and loves playing outside with his dad.

In March 2023, a sudden case of vomiting gave King’s family a scare. While it’s normal for dogs of all ages to have occasional stomach upsets, unexplained vomiting or refusing to eat can be the first sign of a bigger problem. King had a few bouts of stomach upset in the past, so when he threw up on his usual walk one day, his dad Stephen thought it might not be much to worry about. 

“King threw up on a walk before his usual dinner time. He would sometimes do this on an empty stomach, so I didn’t have that much concern at first. He had his dinner with no issue, but within one hour he threw up again.“

King’s worrying behavior continued – he couldn’t keep any food or water down overnight and into the next day. Stephen quickly made an appointment at their vet to get King checked out. Unexplained vomiting can be a symptom of many illnesses, such as parasite infections, gastrointestinal obstructions, swallowed foreign bodies (like socks or sticks), toxin ingestion, and more. Luckily, Stephen had enrolled King in a Pumpkin Pet Insurance plan which covers all of these common culprits.

After making the vet appointment, Stephen also noticed that King was losing weight. The vet examined King and tried to stimulate his appetite to encourage him to eat normally.

“King was given a shot that should have stimulated his appetite and we hoped he would start eating that evening…but King still wouldn’t eat and became very nauseous after drinking a little water. This caused him to drool excessively and start shaking. I became very concerned at this time and was able to contact my vet after hours. We thought it was best to bring him to our emergency vet hospital. “

King was admitted to the emergency clinic where he received advanced diagnostics to try to determine the cause of his vomiting. His veterinary team used x-rays and ultrasounds to check for obstructions and a fecal test to check for parasite infections. Specialized tests like this are crucial but can be expensive. Thankfully, with his Pumpkin plan coverage, Stephen was able to agree to his veterinarian’s recommendations and afford the care King needed. Stephen was reimbursed $5,271, which was 90% of King’s total veterinary bill*.

Unfortunately, King’s care team couldn’t find the exact cause of his vomiting. His veterinary care team continued to monitor King for a few days and thankfully were able to send him home with his family after administering some antibiotics. While Stephen continues to monitor King at home, he feels secure knowing if his symptoms reappear, his Pumpkin plan will help him seek out the best care once again.


*Example shows reimbursement of an eligible claim at a 90% reimbursement rate, the annual deductible had already been satisfied and the annual limit had not yet been met. Coverage and reimbursement results vary based on policy options.

Emma Radmilovic

Emma Radmilovic

Emma is Pumpkin’s copywriter – she’s a dog & cat lover and never misses a chance to write a cheesy pet pun!
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