Pumpkin’s “The Galaxy’s Best Pet Insurance” Campaign Wins 3 VETTY Awards®

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Updated - Jan 16th, 2024

Each year, The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) announces the winners of its VETTY Awards® program, which is dedicated to recognizing marketing excellence in the animal health care industry. Veterinary industry organizations and agencies throughout the globe are invited to submit their projects and in 2023 Pumpkin entered “The Galaxy’s Best Pet Insurance Campaign” created with Marvel Studios Partnerships and The Hive.

We’re thrilled to announce that the campaign was honored with three VETTY Awards® in the following categories:

“Spoiler alert: Pet insurance is not inherently interesting for most people! So I’m immensely proud of how Pumpkin and Marvel wove a narrative that stayed true to the film, and brought to life the importance of this critical pet care tool in a fun, unique, and engaging way. Seeing pet owners and veterinarians be as excited by the campaign as we were was its own kind of reward, and I’m grateful for the NAVC for the VETTY Awards® as well.”

Michael Landsberger, Chief Product & Growth Officer at Pumpkin

Creating “The Galaxy’s Best Pet Insurance” Campaign

Partnering with Marvel Studios’ The Marvels offered an exciting opportunity for Pumpkin to connect with pet-loving Marvel fans and help educate pet parents about the benefits of pet insurance. As Pumpkin Pet Insurance plans are known for extensive accident & illness coverage, we chose a campaign theme that championed best-in-class coverage with a Marvel twist. We also included a cheeky nod to Pumpkin plans’ lack of alien invasion coverage which, believe it or not, is a real exclusion in our policy!

We also knew we wanted to feature the feline star of the movie, Goose the Flerken, front and center. Not only is Goose a beloved character with awesome superpowers, but she’s also the model example of a pet with a tendency to get into trouble. Pumpkin insurance plans help pet parents afford the best accident & illness care when their pets get into mischief, so Goose was the perfect Super Hero to tell our story.

Photograph of characters from Marvel Studios' The Marvels

We were particularly excited to implement a promotional giveaway as part of the campaign. In partnership with Marvel Studios The Marvels, we were able to promote this much-anticipated movie release and encourage pet parents to get a free Pumpkin plan quote for a chance to win tickets to see it in theaters, with 100 lucky winners in total.

Pets with an Appetite for Destruction

As part of the campaign, we teamed up with Marvel Partnerships and The Hive to script an epic 30-second TV spot called “Pets with an Appetite for Destruction,” featuring key footage from Marvel Studios’ The Marvels. As pet parents and pet lovers, we know Goose isn’t the only fluffy companion that gets into trouble for things like munching on household objects. Just like our pets would jump at the chance to save us, Pumpkin wants to return the favor, ensuring pets can stay as healthy as possible while we protect them during those unexpected mishaps.

“It was a dream come true to collaborate with Marvel Studios Partnerships and The Hive on Pumpkin’s TV spot. One of the top accident insurance claims Pumpkin sees every year is for pets who swallow ‘foreign’ objects, and since Goose’s superpower is the ability to devour bad guys (along with many household objects that would be bad for any pet to eat), we immediately knew there was a strong message Pumpkin and The Marvels could deliver together. In short, when the adventurous appetites of our little superheroes land them at the vet, they need “The Galaxy’s Best Pet Insurance” to ensure they get the best care possible.”

Molly Shaw, Creative Director at Pumpkin

Want to see what we mean? Watch the full spot here!

Partnering with Veterinary Clinics – Our True Heroes

As part of the campaign, we crafted in-clinic brochures, brochure holders, and custom pet photo cards for veterinarians that were used in over 500 clinics across the U.S. These materials were designed to make it easier for veterinary staff to educate pet parents about pet insurance, and have fun while doing it. 

Flat lay image of a pet insurance brochure

In-clinic Brochures and Brochure Holder

We received an enthusiastic response to our in-clinic campaign brochures and brochure holders. Thanks to the eye-catching, life-size cutout of Goose on our brochure holders, they took pride of place in veterinary clinic waiting rooms. 

A few intergalactic easter eggs were scattered throughout the brochures for those who looked closely, and the brochure holders inspired several pet photo opportunities, as you can see!

Photograph of a white and gray cat next to a brochure stand in a veterinary office

“My hospital partners were really excited to use these Pumpkin and Marvel Studios materials in their practice. They made great conversation starters that in turn made it easy for the Pumpkin team to transition to the importance of pet insurance and what sets Pumpkin apart.”

Jennie England, Strategic Account Associate

Custom Pet Photo Cards

Veterinary staff used our custom tool to send their clients photo cards with themed frames, each describing the pet’s unique superpower. They provided a unique way for veterinarians to delight their clients with a memorable superhero-themed keepsake.

Three polaroid photographs or pets

Ensuring a Seamless Experience with a Co-Branded Landing Page

The campaign materials each included a link or QR code directing pet parents to a co-branded landing page hub. Once there, pet parents could easily find out more about Pumpkin Pet Insurance plans and enter for a chance to win Fandango Movie Tickets to see Marvel Studios’ The Marvels which was released in cinemas in early November 2023. The landing page featured an extra surprise for Marvel fans – a GIF of Goose showing off her tentacle-wielding powers.

Mockup of a website on a Macbook laptop

Special Behind-The-Scenes Content

Our partnership with Marvel Studios The Marvels gave us special access to behind-the-scenes content, including a written interview with expert cat trainer Jo Vaughan to learn what a day on set with two cat actors is like. We also wrote key blog articles that explored the differences between cats and Flerkens, as well as 4 essential tips to keep your cat healthy, inspired by Goose. 

We leveraged behind-the-scenes and themed Marvel content in our social media channels and email, generating buzz for the campaign and inspiring pet parents to learn more about Goose and the cat actors who played her.

Woman on a movie set directing an orange cat actor in front of a green screen
(L-R): Jo Vaughan and Goose on the set of Marvel Studios’ THE MARVELS. Photo by Laura Radford. © 2023 MARVEL.

Epic Pets Deserve Exceptional Pet Insurance

We are so proud that this campaign received such a positive response from our community. Thank you to every Pumpkin team member who worked on this campaign, and to all the veterinary clinics nationwide who participated. We couldn’t have done it without you!

“We see winning a VETTY Award® as a testament to our commitment to pets and their health. It fuels our dedication to finding even more exciting and educational ways to help pet parents learn about pet insurance and empower them to be guardians of their pet’s health. We believe every pet deserves access to gold-standard veterinary care, and when pet parents choose “The Galaxy’s Best Pet Insurance,” Pumpkin plans can help make the best care possible.”

Alex Douzet, Chief Executive Officer at Pumpkin

For the VETTY Awards® announcement and to see the full campaign, head over to the VETTY Awards® Entry Page.

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