The Ruff Truth About Pandemic Weight Gain

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Updated - Oct 13th, 2022

For many of us this past year, more time spent at home has also meant more time eating at home. Veterinarians we spoke to suggested all the home-cooked comfort food and extra snacks that we enjoyed might have impacted our pets’ health too.

We have definitely noticed a trend of weight gain during the pandemic. Food is love for a lot of pet owners (myself included). It’s easy to give a piece of table scraps or an extra treat throughout the day – especially when people have been working from home with their pets by their side

–Dr. Ashleigh Bruno, DVM at West Orange Animal Hospital

To understand just how ‘widespread’ this weight gain was, Pumpkin teamed up with Fi, the smart dog technology company, to talk to nearly 1,000 pup parents about how the pandemic has impacted their dog’s weight. Read on to see the surprising stats that we discovered. 

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