9 Best Cat Toys Of 2021

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Updated - Nov 10th, 2021

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, nearly 60% of cats are suffering from obesity in the U.S. alone. You might think your cat is a professional couch potato, but cats actually love to get physical when they’re properly motivated. If you’re looking for ways to get your kitty off the couch, then interactive toys are your best bet. These types of toys inspire your cat to run, jump, and grapple while honing their hunting instincts, which leads to an increase in health and happiness for your furry friend. 

This handy list of awesome interactive cat toys was compiled based on three basic criteria: user reviews, practicality, and simplicity. Rated by cats and owners alike, each toy has at least a 4-star user review and will neither break the bank, nor require you to rearrange your entire house to accommodate for it.

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Here are 9 of the best interactive cat toys of 2021:

1. Friends Forever Interactive Cat Laser

We all know that most cats go bananas over lasers, so why not take it to a whole new level? This freestanding laser light spins and rotates to keep your cat totally engrossed, allowing you to watch (and record) while they get some much-needed exercise. Choose from three different speeds (slow, fast, or “random”), and let the controlled chaos commence. A convenient 15-minute timer both prevents your feline friend from getting too worn out and helps the batteries last longer.

2. Petstages Cat Tracks Cat Toy

Rated as one of the best interactive cat toys on Amazon, this engaging puzzle toy will keep multiple kitties entertained at the same time. This durable, three-level ball ramp features a closed-track system that prevents the balls from disappearing under the couch or refrigerator, like all the other toys your cat has. Watch as your cats get plenty of exercise and fun while testing and improving their hunting skills. This compact toy is great for small spaces, as its anti-slip rubber bottom prevents it from moving all over the floor, and is suitable for kittens and senior cats, alike.

3. Ralthy Interactive Robotic Cat Toy

What could be more futuristic than having a robot that plays with your cats? Take a look at the Ralthy Interactive Robotic Cat Toy, a robot that does just that. This toy is straight out of the year 3020 with features like USB charging, two speeds, and sensors to detect obstacles. The best part is, this robot is programmed to get your cat up and playing for 10 minutes every hour and a half to promote healthy activity levels. The Ralthy robotic cat toy spins and dances a full 360-degrees with the attached feather or ball to entice your kitty into getting up and moving throughout the day. This toy is great for cat owners who aren’t home for long periods of time and doesn’t require more than a few minutes to charge.

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4. SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Concealed Motion Cat Toy

If you’ve ever had your feet attacked by your cat in the wee hours of the morning, you’ll know right away why this toy is perfect for any kitty. The SmartyKat concealed motion toy swipes around erratically beneath a sheet of durable material to simulate hidden prey, intriguing your cat and engaging their primal hunting instincts. With two speed settings, lights, and unpredictable movements, this toy helps to keep your cat from getting bored and is almost guaranteed to provide you with some second-hand amusement.

5. Cat Amazing Sliders Interactive Treat Puzzle Toy

Cats are very smart, so give them a chance to prove it for food! Test your cat’s puzzle-solving abilities by setting up this interactive puzzle toy that allows them to use their hunting skills to seek out toys, treats, or catnip in a challenging and unique way. This puzzle toy is recommended by veterinarians to promote healthy weight loss, mental stimulation, and constructive exercise, all vital components in your kitty’s overall wellness. Puzzle feeders and the like are also great tools for preventing your cat from overeating or scarfing their food down, allowing them to avoid digestion issues.

6. PetFusion Ambush Interactive Electronic Cat Toy with Rotating Feather

This awesome interactive toy is designed to stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts by using a whack-a-mole style method to improve their reflexes. A feather toy pops out of one of six holes at random, challenging your kitty to react quickly and with precision to “capture” the prey. LED lighting makes this toy visible at night and its compact design makes it perfect for most spaces. With features like an eight-minute automatic shutoff timer, replaceable feather toys, and anti-skid rubber feet, this toy is also durable and cost-effective. Cats and kittens, alike, will benefit mentally and physically from this interactive toy.

7. Pakoo Interactive Smart Ball

This is truly the upgrade of the year: the Pakoo interactive smart ball! This super cool cat toy rolls around on its own, using smart technology to avoid obstacles and evade capture, and provides a true challenge for your kitty’s hunting skills. The red light and erratic movements give your cat a chance to exercise valuable critical thinking skills in a safe environment. This crazy smart ball easily draws your cat’s attention, making it perfect for getting lazy kitties up and active throughout the day. Offering almost four hours of activity at a time, the Pakoo smart ball will shut down every 15 minutes to allow your cat to settle down between sessions. When it’s out of juice, simply plug the ball into its USB charger and go – no batteries required.

8. TOOGE Windmill Cat Toy

This genius cat toy combines playtime with grooming! The spinning arms hold treats, toys, or catnip to draw and hold your kitty’s attention, while the textured material allows your cat to soothe anxiety or groom themselves while playing. The soft, durable silicone design helps your cat to chew and gnaw with comfort, and promotes better oral health by gently rubbing away plaque and food debris from their teeth. Just use the suction cup to mount the TOOGE windmill on any smooth surface, insert treats or toys, and go.

9. PETGEEK Interactive Electronic Mouse

Truly the brainchild of cat lovers, the PETGEEK interactive electronic mouse is EXACTLY what your cat needs in the year 2020. Built to challenge your cat in new ways, this electronic mouse will simulate a real mousing experience for your otherwise unprepared kitty by moving much like a real mouse. This gadget has wheels on both sides, allowing it to continue zipping around after sustaining a side-swipe from your agile cat, and can even go in reverse. With features like highly visible glow-in-the-dark wheels, interchangeable tail attachments, and a USB charger, this interactive toy is built for longevity and performance. Its smart technology steers it away from obstacles and keeps your cat on their toes by remaining unpredictable.  And the best part? It even squeaks! 

Even the most active cats need new and exciting toys to help keep them healthy. Update your kitty’s toy stash and upgrade them to the year 2020 by investing in an interactive toy (or five) that will not only improve their life, but will make you feel like the best cat parent in the world.

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