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Updated - Oct 15th, 2022

Apollo was the Greek god of many things, including sun and light, music and poetry, truth and prophecy, healing, and archery (among several others). Apollo was also frequently depicted in classical art and was considered to have the ideal male physique. If you have a badass boy dog on your hands with many gifts and talents, Apollo would make a killer choice. 

Athena, daughter of Zeus, was the Greek goddess of wisdom and war. This would make a badass name for a clever, courageous girl dog. Athena also happened to be Zeus’s favorite child, so it’s a fitting choice for your favorite fur baby.

Some dogs just look like big, friendly bears, especially pups with big paws they haven’t grown into yet. Certain breeds are especially bear-like, including Chow Chows, Newfoundlands, and Tibetan Mastiffs. While the name Bear would fit a larger breed dog, it would be especially badass for a small dog with a big dog personality.

The name Bruiser was made famous as the name of Elle Woods’s Chihuahua in Legally Blonde. Bruiser was small yet mighty, and this name is a superb choice for any dog – big or small – who looks tough, but is actually a big softy.   

The name Brutus is historically associated with the Roman senator involved in the assassination of Julius Caesar, and it was Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s choice of name for his French Bulldog pup. Brutus is a strong choice for a badass boy, but don’t worry – even with a name like Brutus – the only act of betrayal your pup is likely to commit is stealing your socks or munching on your favorite shoes.

The notorious gangster and bootlegger Al Capone (AKA Scarface) is one of the most famous criminals in American history. Capone is a badass name for a mischievous dog who is known to commit canine crimes like food theft, property destruction, and everyone’s favorite: leaving you little “presents” on the rug.

In Greek mythology, Gaia was the personification of Earth and one of the first beings in creation. If you have a powerful girl who loves spending time out and about, communing with nature, you might consider Gaia as a name for your little Earth Mother.

Fans of Ireland’s iconic stout beer might find Guinness a badass name for a dog with a black or brown coat with signature white markings. Guinness lovers know that there are few things better than a perfectly poured (and correctly rested) pint of Guinness, but one of those things is your pup’s love. Why not marry the two?

This famous Lord of the Rings character (also known as Gandalf the Grey and Gandalf the White) is one of the most badass wizards around. Gandalf would make a great name for any pup, but would be especially fitting for a rescue senior who is brave and wise beyond his years. If you have the ability to do so, consider adopting a senior dog. Many seniors have special needs and often get overlooked for younger dogs or puppies, but they have so much love to give.

Motorcycles are the epitome of badass, and Harley-Davidson bikes are the top of the line. Harley would make a great name for a biker pup or really any dog (boy or girl) who enjoys a long ride with the wind blowing in their fur.  

In Greek mythology, Hera is the queen of the gods and wife of Zeus (she is also his sister, but let’s not go there). Zeus was a bit of a playboy, and Hera was notoriously jealous, so if you’ve got a girl who always needs to be the center of your attention, Hera is a fitting choice.  

The name Hercules is synonymous with strength and heroics. Hercules (the Roman version of the Greek Herakles) was the strongest of all mortal men and the most beloved hero in mythology. Hercules would make a great name for a strong, athletic, brave boy dog – especially a rescue who has endured many hardships in his life and only grown stronger.

When it comes to rock stars, it doesn’t get much more badass than Mick Jagger, the lead singer of The Rolling Stones. Jagger would make a great dog name, especially for an outgoing pup that loves to take center stage.

While onyx stones come in a few different colors, black onyx is the variety most often used in expensive jewelry. Onyx is a great name for a mighty black dog – as the stone is both beautiful and strong. Some even believe that black onyx has powers of protection, and all dog owners want to protect their fur babies at all costs.

A phoenix is a mythological bird that rises from its own ashes and is born again. We can’t think of a better name for a rescue pup who has gone through so much and finally gets to find their new forever home with you.

This badass teenage girl character from Black Panther is a princess of Wakanda and the smartest person in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (yes, that includes Tony Stark). Shuri is a great name for a precocious and clever girl pup.

The raw power of nature is pretty badass to behold, and Storm is a great name for an active dog that likes to run cyclones around their parents. Storm works for either a girl or boy dog – perhaps especially well for a girl as the character of Storm from Marvel’s X-Men is an incredibly powerful woman.

Thor is the Norse god of thunder, lightning and the sky, and he is incredibly powerful. Thor is more than just brawn, though; he is strong and brave. The day of the week Thursday comes from the name Thor, and Thor is one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Thor would work for any badass pup, it’s especially amusing for a Corgi. You truly haven’t lived until you’ve seen a Thorgi.

For a long time, this iconic warrior princess from the 90s was the most badass woman on television. Xena would make a great name for a boss lady dog who is fearless. The name would  probably work best for a larger breed dog, but could also make a funny choice for a little girl who is small, yet mighty.

No badass dog name list would be complete without Zeus: king of all the Greek gods. While the god Zeus could get nasty at times, naming your boy dog Zeus is fitting if he ends up as the king of your household. Sometimes, no matter how hard we dog parents try, our fur babies end up ruling us and not the other way around (and some of us are perfectly ok with that).  

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