12 Dog Memes That Defined 2020 (So Far)

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Updated - Sep 17th, 2020

You didn’t think we’d let cat lovers have all the fun? We had such a good time writing about our favorite cat memes in 2020, we obviously had to do the same for pups! Dog parents, this one’s for you. So sit back and get ready to howl – you’re about to consume some pawsome memes.

Our mood EVERY.DAY.OF.2020 

We love a good love story! Also, quarantine babies are definitely a thing 😉

Month 7 of quarantine: dogs can now paw in English.

Overheard by dogs everywhere: “These humans have waaay too much time on their hands.”

*Whips out notebook and starts taking notes*

This actually works…


This will be ALL of us in 2021…


Clearly  the only zoom class worth paying attention to!


Such a good coworker!


This dog just vibing is a MOOD. 


You could say we got a little husky this quarantine. 


Here’s to all the pups adopted during quarantine and their new parents!


Did we miss any? Send us your favorites on our Instagram @pumpkinpetcare!  

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