13 Cat Memes That Defined 2020 (So Far)

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2020 has been so…2020. You know what we mean… 

With everything going on this year – from the global pandemic, to the US Presidential race  – there has been one thing that has always been able to put a smile on our face: cat memes. We rounded up our favorite cat memes so far this year. We think they are just purrrfect. We hope you do, too. 

Without further ado…

We’re kicking off the list with a few of our favorites from the app of 2020…TikTok!

Okay, this is just impressive. In other news, now we know where all the toilet paper went.

We may or may have not tried this a few times ourselves…

Just look at those dance moves!

Taking the catwalk to a whole new level. Feline furbulous and working it! 

The dog never stood a chance.

It’s called fashion, look it up…

Now, back to some good ole’ regular photo memes:

What day is it?

Turns out cats were made for quarantine.

At least the coworker is cute!

via @LadyDevann on Twitter

Always better to play it safe!

What your managers don’t know, won’t hurt them.

They have had it SO rough this quarantine.

Good kitties! 

2020 isn’t over yet – and on the bright side – we will have some more cat memes to share by the end of the year. Be on the lookout for our next roundup

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