10 Unique Cat Names You’ve Never Heard Of

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Updated - Oct 26th, 2021

Cat parents may think they spoil their fur babies, but they have nothing on the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Egyptians revered cats as creatures with divine energy who would bring good fortune and protect their humans. In ancient Egyptian mythology, Bastet was a goddess depicted as a woman with a cat’s head. She was the goddess of many things, including protector of homes, pregnant women, and children. Bastet would make a unique name for any pawesome girl with a protective streak.

If your kitty is a fluffball, Fluffernutter is a fun choice. This classic peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich was first created in Massachusetts and has become a New England classic. This is an especially cute name for an uber-fluffy breed like a Maine Coon, Persian, or Norwegian Forest Cat.

If you’re a Pokémon fan with a bit of a chonk on your hands, Jigglypuff is a cute choice. This Pokémon can use its eyes to mesmerize opponents and can use its voice to sing them to sleep. If you have a pretty-eyed kitty who fills the air with prrrs, Jigglypuff would make a great choice.

Leonidas was the warrior king of Sparta who famously fought with 300 Spartans against the much larger Persian force at the Battle of Thermopylae. The name Leonidas means “son of a lion,” so if your brave little boy has the heart of a lion in a cat’s body, this is a bold choice.

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This type of dark rain clouds signal an oncoming storm. If you have a grey fluffball who is a bit temperamental, this is a great choice.

This is a cool name for a cat with a silvery blue-grey coat. This type of coloring is a result of a dilution of the gene that produces a black coat. While there are several breeds that can have a blue coat, there are three – Russian Blue, Chartreux, and Korat – that are exclusively blue. This is also a fun choice for fans of the famous 1985 Western Silverado, starring Kevin Kline and Kevin Costner.

If you are a cat parent who can’t help but shower your kitty with love, Suki is a lovely choice! This Japanese name means “beloved” and would be especially fitting for a Japanese Bobtail girl.

Tater Tot
This bite-sized potato treat is popular with kids and adults alike. If you have a boy or girl kitten with a lot of personality crammed into a small package, Tater Tot is an adorable choice (especially for a ginger cat).

Legendary musician Frank Zappa was a big-time cat person. Zappa was known for his eccentricities, and his cat’s names – Gorgonzola (AKA Gorgo), Redunzel (AKA Fightey Bitey), and Marsmoff – certainly reflect that. Zappa wrote several songs dedicated to his love of cats, including “Yo Cats,” “Alley Cat,” and “Meow.” Whether you’re a Zappa fanatic or just crazy about cats, Zappa could be a cool and quirky choice for your boy kitty.

If you’ve ever been to an Italian street festival, you know that the food is the main event. One of the most delicious snacks available is zeppole, a fried pastry topped with a hefty sprinkling of powdered sugar. It’s the Italian version of funnel cake, and no trip to the fair is complete without one. Zeppole would make an adorable name for a powder-white kitty, or any cat with white markings.

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