Remembering Beloved Pup Chase after Battle with Cancer

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Updated - Nov 2nd, 2023

Chase, a retriever mix and a big bundle of love, made a lasting impression on everyone he ever met. His mom Cindy described him as a confidant, a companion, a snuggle buddy, and even a therapist for her and an unofficial one for her reading students. Often Chase would be there to comfort the students and listen when they wanted to read to him. He was a kind and beloved pillar of his community. 

As Chase entered his senior years, Cindy decided to look into pet insurance as a way to facilitate more veterinary care options for Chase in the future. As difficult and unfair as it is, it’s unavoidable that dogs are more susceptible to certain conditions and illnesses as they get into their senior years.

“I obtained a pet insurance plan from Pumpkin (a first-time experience for me) because I wanted to be able to make any future medical decisions based on the best treatment for him rather than having finances play a part in that decision.”

One day Chase started refusing to eat, seemed low in energy, and appeared pale. Cindy took him straight to his vet, who found that Chase was severely anemic. This means Chase had far fewer healthy red blood cells than he should have.

Chase was transferred to the emergency clinic, where his care team determined he needed a splenectomy in order to sustain his red blood count cell. After administering further diagnostic tests and monitoring Chase, his care team found that he had histiocytic sarcoma. This is an aggressive form of cancer in dogs. Cindy and all of Chase’s family were heartbroken to hear this news.

“When Chase eventually did get sick I was devastated and desperate for his recovery. I was able to choose the best possible treatments for him, opting to do whatever I could to keep him comfortable.”

Chase’s care team did absolutely everything they could for him over a 6-night stay in the hospital. Chase received expert veterinary care including blood transfusions, ultrasounds, IV fluids, Rx meds, intensive care, a splenectomy, a gastropexy, and more. 

In the face of such a stressful and emotional ordeal, Cindy just wanted Chase to get the best care options possible. Having pet insurance in her corner meant she could say ‘yes’ to the diagnostics and treatments Chase needed, even as the costs for his advanced care mounted. When Cindy filed a claim for Chase’s care, her Pumpkin plan paid her back a total of $10,000.

“I was able to do these things because I knew that he had pet insurance coverage. At the end, Team Chase had grown to include his veterinary care team and Pumpkin, and our family and everyone that loved him could not be more grateful.”

Sadly, Chase passed away due to his illness. His family misses him terribly every day. As anyone who has experienced loss like this knows, it’s deeply sad and yet there is solace in all of the happy memories shared together. Cindy told us Chase was “a beautiful boy and a wonderfully special soul.” There’s no doubt that his memory will be treasured in the hearts of all the people who loved him for years to come.


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Emma Radmilovic

Emma Radmilovic

Emma is Pumpkin’s copywriter – she’s a dog & cat lover and never misses a chance to write a cheesy pet pun!
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