How Puppy Milo Pulled Through A Scary Throat Abscess

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Updated - Mar 30th, 2023

Who? Milo, a Golden Retriever puppy

How old? 1 year

What happened? Milo developed an abscess on his larynx

Cost of treatment $9,570

Pumpkin plan paid back $8,519

On Christmas Eve, Cindy rushed her Golden Retriever puppy Milo to the emergency veterinary clinic. An otherwise healthy and rambunctious one-year-old pup, Milo was showing concerning behavior: he was drooling, refusing to eat, and lethargic. 

Milo’s care team needed to figure out what was wrong as quickly as possible. To do this, they needed to perform an endoscopy (which is a procedure to examine his digestive tract) as well as a CT scan to pinpoint where in Milo’s body there could be an issue.

During such a stressful time, Cindy was able to say ‘yes’ to the advanced diagnostic tests Milo needed knowing she had the support of her Pumpkin Pet Insurance plan. Pumpkin plans help pet parents access the best care for unexpected accidents and illnesses like Milo’s.

“It was very scary. At first, the vets weren’t sure what was wrong with him. Thankfully they did the endoscopy, otherwise, I’m not sure they would have found his abscess.” 

– Cindy E, Milo’s mom

The diagnostic tests revealed that Milo had a caudal laryngeal abscess – aka a swollen build-up of pus on Milo’s larynx. The larynx is located in the throat, so problems in that area can have severe consequences for a dog’s ability to eat and breathe.

Thankfully, Milo was able to receive the expert care he needed to recover and return home with his mom. Milo received treatment for the abscess, including antibiotics and hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy  – a therapy used to promote tissue healing.

When all was said and done, the total veterinary bill for Milo’s hospitalization and treatment came out to a whopping $9,570. Since Milo was already enrolled in a Pumpkin insurance plan, Cindy was reimbursed a total of $8,519*.

With a Pumpkin Pet Insurance plan, Milo was able to access advanced diagnostic testing that helped identify his illness quickly, and treatment options to ensure a strong recovery.

Unfortunately, sudden accidents and illnesses happen to young, healthy puppies all the time. The difference between Milo’s story and countless others was his mom’s ability to say ‘yes’ to the care needed in the face of a staggering vet bill. This is just one story that demonstrates the power of pet insurance–but we’re on a mission to share more stories like it! 

If you’re not enrolled already, consider enrolling your pup in a pet insurance plan to help protect them if they get sick or hurt in the future. Learn more about our puppy insurance plans today.


CLAIM INFORMATION: This claim story represents an individual’s experience only and the experiences and opinions herein may be unique to the individual. *Individual reimbursement results and coverage vary based on policy options.

Emma Radmilovic

Emma Radmilovic

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