Resilient Husky Zoey Bounces Back after High-Risk Lung Collapse

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Updated - Sep 19th, 2023

Who? Zoey, a Husky mix

How old? 4 years old

What happened? Collapsed lung

Cost of treatment: $11,994

Pumpkin plan paid back*: $9,376

The best way to describe Zoey is a furball of energy! Zoey’s an active all-weather pup; she loves being outside, and come rain or shine she’ll nudge her mom Bobbi to open the back door so she can play soccer. Once her energy runs out, she goes right back to Bobbi for cuddles. Bobbi says Zoey is a confident girl and is “definitely the leader of the puppies in the house!”

Late one night, Zoey jumped onto Bobbi’s bed to alert her that something was wrong. Bobbi could see and hear that Zoey was struggling to breathe, so she rushed her to an emergency veterinary hospital as quickly as she could. Zoey’s care team soon discovered there was a serious problem with her lungs.

Zoey had a pneumothorax, a condition where one lung collapses, creating an open space that fills up with fluid or air. This can happen spontaneously, or when the lung is punctured or damaged in some way. Zoey needed emergency surgery as soon as possible, but first, her care team had to ensure she was in a stable condition.

“The vet hospital had to suck the air out of her lung cavity and make her stable enough so we could transport her to another hospital for them to do an operation where they would take out the piece of her lung that had a hole in it. The vet had to open her rib cage up to remove the piece. When they removed the piece of the lung with the hole, she could breathe normally again.”

Zoey’s surgery and advanced recovery care were both costly. Thankfully, Bobbi had insured Zoey with a Pumpkin Pet Insurance plan the previous year. The vet hospital put together a cost estimate for all of Zoey’s treatment, and Bobbi sent that estimate over to Pumpkin. The Pumpkin team worked with Bobbi and her vet hospital to quickly approve the estimate, giving Bobbi the confidence to go ahead with the best care options for Zoey. 

The surgery was successful, and Zoey returned home to recover with her mom and fur siblings. Being able to submit an estimate to Pumpkin ahead of time was a huge relief, as Bobbi was able to get a quick answer about how much her plan would cover. All in all, the cost of Zoey’s hospitalization, surgery, and follow-up care came to an astonishing $11,994. Zoey’s Pumpkin plan reimbursed Bobbi an equally massive $9,376 for her covered expenses.

A midnight emergency like Zoey’s is every pet parent’s worst nightmare. While her Pumpkin plan helped ease the financial burden on Bobbi, it was still an emotional and stressful ordeal for her to see Zoey undergo the surgery.

“I was shocked and confused. I didn’t know of anything I could do. I just had to do something fast and get her to the vet for help. And the surgery and removing a piece of her lung just left me with so many feelings.”

Zoey’s lung injury appeared out of nowhere, just like countless other accidents and illnesses we see in Pumpkin-insured pets every day. While it’s impossible to predict what the future has in store, having a Pumpkin plan can prepare you to get the best care for your pet if accidents & illnesses strike.


*Example illustrates reimbursement of an eligible claim at a 90% reimbursement rate, the annual deductible had already been satisfied and the annual limit had not yet been met. Coverage and reimbursement results vary based on policy options.

Emma Radmilovic

Emma Radmilovic

Emma is Pumpkin’s copywriter – she’s a dog & cat lover and never misses a chance to write a cheesy pet pun!
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