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How Much Does it Really Cost to Care for a Dog?

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Happy National Pet Insurance Month! It’s no surprise this is our favorite time of the year to talk about caring for our fur families. And given the spike in pet adoptions last year, we think it’s also a perfect time to talk about the costs of keeping your pup as happy and healthy as pawsible. 

Turns out, there’s a huge gap between what dog parents perceive to be the cost of caring for a pet, and the reality of it!

From routine preventive care, to everyday illnesses and emergency injuries – ensuring your pup has access to the veterinary care they need is a lifelong financial commitment and essential part of being a responsible pet parent

To fetch more insight on this topic, we recently conducted a survey with dog parents across the U.S. Read on to see the surprising stats we found!

More Surprising Stats!

1 in 4 dog parents have spent money taking their pup to the vet, only to find out nothing was wrong.

Nearly 50% of dog parents said their number one health concern for their pet was cancer or a serious injury.

31% of dog parents have had a vet bill over $500+ in the last 18 months. Of those, only 22% had pet insurance.

These statistics are based on responses from 1,356 dog parents who took the survey from Aug 17-21, 2021 and have at least one dog.
*American Pets Product Association, “2017-2018 APPA National Pet Owners Survey.”
Estimated lifetime cost for a dog living 12 years based on annual spend data from survey (12 years at $1,386 per year).

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