Hi New York, Pumpkin Cat Insurance is here!

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See any vet in New York, or any state, you choose!

Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens or Albany – visit any licensed veterinarian, specialist, or animal hospital in New York, any other state in the US, or Canada.

How Pumpkin helps pets get the best care possible...

When they're sick

Help get them the diagnostics, treatment, and prescription medicine they need to get better with Pumpkin Pet Insurance plans.

When they're hurt

Help give them the emergency care, surgery, and rehabilitation therapy it takes to recover with Pumpkin Pet Insurance plans.

When they're healthy

Help them keep up with routine wellness care with Preventive Essentials. It’s not insurance, but an optional benefit you can add to your plan.

Big Massachusetts fur fams save big! Get 10% off a plan for each additional pet you enroll.

Our New York cat insurance covers the basics,
and a bowlful of important stuff some insurances leave out.

We cover a wide range of common pet conditions and care options.

We also cover key things some insurances exclude or make you pay extra for.

For our full list of benefits & exclusions, see a sample policy

Why do cats in New York think Pumpkin is special?

No upper age limits or breed exclusions, ever

Your vet, your choice – always

90% reimbursement rate fur all

Save 10% for each additional pet enrolled

Our preventive care pack fully covers 3 essentials

Why cat insurance? Good care comes at a cost in New York.

Did you know the average amount spent on vet care over a cat’s lifetime is about $13,350? If your pet gets hurt or sick, our insurance can help you say ‘yes’ to the best care, even if it’s costly.

Get 90% cash back on vet bills for cat-astrophes like these:²

Leg Fracture: $2,227
We Pay Back: $2,004

Plant Poisoning: $993
We Pay Back: $894

Gum Disease: $1,482
We Pay Back: $1,334

Pumpkin for Dogs & Puppies

Help keep pups healthy and tails wagging with insurance + preventive care made just for dogs.

Pumpkin for Cats & Kittens

Help set kitty up for a healthy life – or nine with insurance + preventive care made just for cats.

Pets Pumpkin Insurance

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“When I started with Pumpkin, I realized I made the right decision when I made my first claim for Butch, and it was the easiest thing I’ve ever done.”

– Richelle O., Butch’s Mom
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“Pumpkin is always prompt with a response if I have any questions.”
– Kaylee J., Elsa’s Mom
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“I’m so thankful for Pumpkin insurance. Kilian got sick and had an emergency vet visit and Pumpkin covered my claim quickly!”
– Anna P., Killian’s Mom

Ready to help treat your pet to a healthy life?