10 Best Names For Orange Cats

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Updated - Oct 26th, 2021

If you’ve got an orange kitty with a fiery personality, consider Blaze as a choice for your new boy or girl. This name would work great for any variation of an orange coat, but especially for breeds like the Abyssinian and Somali, which can have much redder fur.

If you’ve got a particularly fluffy orange cat – such as a Ragdoll or a Persian ­– Butterball is a cute choice. While it would also make a funny name for a big ol’ chonk, it is important for pet parents to monitor their cat’s weight to make sure it falls within a healthy range.

Not only is it one of the world’s most popular and delicious cheeses, Cheddar would make an excellent name for any variety of orange cat. Alternately, if you’ve got an orange cat with white stripes – a common color combo for American Shorthairs, British Shorthairs, and Munchkins, among others – you might consider the equally delicious Colby-Jack.

Pet Pro Tip: Regardless of which breed you bring home, make sure to get help protecting your new best fur friend with a best-in-class kitten insurance or cat insurance plan. Vet bills for unexpected accidents & illnesses can add up fast – it pays to be prepared with insurance.

Cheeto is an adorable name for an orange cat who, like the snack food, is simply irresistible. The most famous Cheeto is the orange tabby cat from the film Gone Girl. Director David Fincher had nothing but praise for the cat actor in the DVD commentary for the film, stating that “the beauty of Cheeto was wherever you placed Cheeto, that’s where he was going to stay for that day. So continuity with Cheeto was never an issue.” Calling all catfluencers – if  you have an orange kitty who likes to sit and look pretty – Cheeto may be just the name for you.

This exotic stone fruit is characterized by its sweet orange flesh, so Mango would make a great name for your little ginger sweetie. Fun fact: Mango is the name of the cat in Wendy Mass’s 2003 young-adult novel A Mango-Shaped Space, about a teenage girl living with synesthesia.

If you want your orange kitty to blossom in her new forever home, consider the name Marigold. This bright and cheerful flower comes in golden and orange shades, so whether your kitty is on the lighter or darker end of the ginger spectrum, Marigold could be a prrrfect fit.

The Disney/Pixar classic Finding Nemo made us fall in love with the titular orange-and-white clownfish. Nemo would make a great name for Disney fans who have a ginger and white-striped kitty with Nemo’s gentle and curious nature.

OK, we might be a bit biased here, but Pumpkin would make a great name for an orange cat of either gender. Not only is Pumpkin an adorable name in and of itself, it lends itself to a lot of fun nicknames: Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Spice, Pumpkin Seed, the Great Pumpkin… the list goes on.

Some people might think it’s a little cheesy, but Queso would make a great name for your new addition. This would be an especially prrrfect name for a breed that often comes with a ginger coat, such as Persians, American Bobtails, British Shorthairs, Munchkins, Maine Coons, and Abyssinians. 

All Harry Potter fans are familiar with the fiery-haired Weasley family. Whether you’ve got a good-natured sweetheart like Ron, a rambunctious trickster like Fred and George, or a smart and mild-mannered girl like Ginny, the name Weasley works for any type of ginger cat – boy or girl.

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