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Introducing Pumpkin Pet Insurance for goldfish.
For when things don't go so swimmingly. 
Sign up your family's favorite fish today!

Dietary Counseling
  Comprehensive nutrition and dietary
counseling in the event of a fish-flake-dumping-disaster by an overzealous-toddler.

Emergency Decoy Fish Included! 

Is your child’s beloved bubble buddy on their last fin? Avoid the tears and buy yourself time with an Emergency Decoy Fish, included in every Pumpkin Goldfish Insurance plan.
Batteries also included.

Insure your goldfish with Pumpkin today!

See why families & their fish love Pumpkin

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Fin-ally, pet insurance to help protect goldfish... from their families.

Stress Management
  Behavioral therapy and prescription drops for cat-induced anxiety, toddler trauma, or accidental neighbor neglect when you're away.

Buoyancy Therapy
Micro acupuncture treatments for painful gas buildup and flotation challenges caused by congenital or chronic Swim Bladder Disorder.

Plus, a bowlful more…
We even cover Carp Pox treatment, Fin Fracture surgery, and 24/7 emergency replacement services for when things go belly-up.

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When your fin kid finally floats away – get a replacement delivered to your door in hours! Now thru April, get a 2-month FREE subscription to our Emergency Goldfish Replacement Concierge when you insure your goldfish with Pumpkin.

24/7 Replacement Concierge Service

Keep your fin kid healthy for life.

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Pumpkin is every mom’s middle-of-the-night, fish-fiasco superhero!

- Lisa F., Goldie III’s Mom

- Greg G., Bubbles’ Dad

Bubbles is back!!! 
So glad his scale scratches are on
 the mend.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

- Karen M., Swimmy Jr’s Mom

Pumpkin’s floater fish coverage is a life saver, and that decoy fish is...EVERYTHING. Highly recommend!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

- Rick F., Nemo’s Dad

The neighbor overfed our Nemo, but thanks to Pumpkin, his dietary counseling was covered!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Our Coverage Benefits

Give your child's best bubble buddy the most 
fin-tastic care with Pumpkin Goldfish Insurance!

Our Features & Benefits

At Pumpkin, we love our fur babies AND our fin kids. But insuring your goldfish might just be a bit....overkill. Sign up to receive our "Healthy Goldfish Guide" and learn simple tips to help your child’s best bubble buddy stay healthy and happy for years to come. You never know, with the oldest living Goldfish (Tish) making it to 43 years old, maybe you’ll have your family goldfish long after your kids fly the nest! Have a dog or cat that needs pet insurance? Get a free quote today.

About Pumpkin
Pumpkin Insurance Services Inc. (Pumpkin) is a direct-to-consumer pet care company and insurance producer founded to help ensure pets live their longest and healthiest lives. Learn more about Pumpkin at
*Pumpkin Insurance Services Inc. (NPN#19084749) (“Pumpkin”) is a licensed insurance agency, not an insurer. Insurance plans underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company.