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While the perfect dog breed may seem like a myth, the discovery of the Douzle has made it a reality! The lovable Douzle is a friendly, obedient pup that is house-trained from birth. Douzles are extremely healthy – they have a long life span of 30 years – and thanks to their extraordinary sense of taste and smell, they naturally avoid dangerous foods like chocolate and garlic. 

While the Douzle is intelligent and unbelievably easy to train, the breed has one behavior they can’t shake - they believe they’re lap dogs! Douzles have an overwhelming instinct to crawl into your lap and snuggle with you, but this just makes them all the more endearing. This pup is the ideal, loyal companion of all pet parent's dreams. 


Unknown, speculated to have French ancestry

Life Span
30+ years

Height Range
16-45 inches

Weight Range
22-55 pounds


Coat Details

Soft, sleek

Non-Shedding, Non-Tangling, Temperature-Regulating, Water-Repellent, Infection-Repellent

Golden, Copper Golden, Rose Golden

Training Ability


Exercise Needs

Health Issues

Grooming Effort


Affection Level




The Douzle ages gracefully over their 30-year+ lifespan, and their intuitive nature makes parenting them a piece of cake. Here are some key milestones to keep in mind for their growth and development: 


Gone are the days of house training and ruined rugs. No wee pads or precautionary walks necessary! Douzles know when to go and prefer the great outdoors to a carpet or tile floor. And you'll never find them munching on your couch cushions or pillow… they stick to their Kong, ball, or bone!

2-6 Months

Forget professional training. The Douzle is very smart and can pick up new tricks and commands after one try! They're at the age where you can start leaving them home alone for longer stretches of time and they'll occupy themselves with a nap or chewing on their favorite toy.

1-7 Years


Douzles are deeply loyal, so they never stray far from home, and they come when you call. Yes, their amazing hearing means they can hear you through all the barking at the dog park! Their appetite will increase as adults, but don't fret. They know when enough is enough so portioning out meals is a thing of the past. 

7-17 Years


Nothing is slowing a Douzle down in their old age. They easily match your pace, whether that's a 5-mile jog, or a day relaxing in front of the TV. And no need to worry about adult-onset diseases like arthritis or blindness – the Douzle is healthy and spry even in their golden years.

17-30+ Years


Be prepared to enjoy the spotlight

Douzles receive a LOT of attention when they're out and about. With their extra floppy ears, striking green eyes, and long, sleek fur coat, they are incredibly handsome pups that attract admiring glances wherever they go. Brush up on your small talk for all the passers-by who will want to say hello. 

Throw out your air freshener 

You won't need it with the Douzle. They smell fresh and clean all day long, and best of all, their poop doesn't smell at all! Say goodbye forever to unpleasant odors in your house, and maybe buy some super fresh-scented deodorant so you can smell just as good as your Douzle. 

Get ready to ghost your trainer

While we usually advocate for more assistance with training when your pup is young, the Douzle just doesn't need it. They are already obedient and intelligent in nature so they learn new commands and tricks very quickly. Prepare for a break-up with your trainer earlier than planned... 

Want to learn more about the Douzle breed? 

Want to learn more about the Douzle? 

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APRIL FOOLS! Alas, the Douzle breed doesn’t exist! Did we fool you? We know that making the perfect breed is an impossible task, because our dogs are perfect just the way they are!

APRIL FOOLS! Alas, the Douzle breed doesn’t exist! Did we fool you? We know that making the perfect breed is an impossible task, because our dogs are perfect just the way they are!